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“He was full of some white growth” | Funeral Director John O’Looney exposes what’s inside the bodies of the vaccinated


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I do not  trust this person because their Stories have inconsistencies and also they have no evidence to back up some  of their claims like boat invaders being a UN ARMY ? Really,  the UN doesn't have an army, its a collaboration of several member states that operate under the UN badge So these white deposits have they been scientifically evaluated at several labs  ? Thought not




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This video is 38 mins long and I've watched all of it .... The guy is 100% credable and very courageous ...


There are two stories being told in this video ..


The first story is this funeral director and others finding dead people with their arteries full of spagetti like white growths .. this is not a time delay effect from the vaccine , but occours fairly immediatly within no more than 30 days of being jabbed , it kills you and disproportionatly kills younger people,


The second story covers the attemps by the authorities to kill this whistleblower  using the medical system ... very scary and very worth watching.  

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