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New silent weapons target brain function neuro-strike

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U.S. military forces are facing new dangers of nonkinetic warfare weapons in future conflicts including “neuro-strike” weapons designed to disrupt brain functions of key leaders, according to a military expert.

Robert McCreight, a retired national security specialist and former Army special operations officer, stated in an Army blog post that nonkinetic threats include silent, largely undetectable technologies capable of inflicting damaging, debilitating and degrading physical and neural effects on unwitting targets.



This is the type of weapons they used in Australia on the protesters, the LRAD stuff has been around for a while though. I remember them using it at the G8 conference like 10+ years ago. 


I bet these days you could sit outside a building in a van and make everyone in the building get sick, like something out of Fringe TV series. 

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It's already happening.... and you don't have to sit outside a building in a van.

You could be sipping a cocktain on the beach and....your hands are clean.

By controlling mind and perception, you can manifest anything.

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