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Where is Grace Powers/HelpFreeTheEarth.com?


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Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows if Grace Powers who gave us so many great informational documentaries (Ring of Power, The Zion King) and articles on her erstwhile website HelpFreetheEarth.com is alive and well? I used to email her and enjoyed all her stuff but her website has become unavailable and I haven't heard from her for quite some time. If she is no longer with us she will be missed in this quarter and, I'm sure, many others.


A while back she posted all her videos for free on various sites and they've been linked to here by others. I have them on DVD personally, but I'm just wondering if she was ill and getting the truth out in advance of an untimely end. If anyone knows she is okay, I'd love to hear it.

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Ah, waybackmachine. A BBC editor (believe it or not!) told me about that site years ago and I never could remember the address...D'Oh! That'll be useful for many things but my interest is particularly for Grace Powers/Linda Stunnell herself. I know she went on to write some ebooks on Amazon which she was able to publish by listing as fiction but they were actually about Michelle Obama being trans, 9/11 and the global elites/royal paedos etc.

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