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Book I wrote check it out


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Hi Ben .... I noticed in your book you said you were featured in a documentary "talking with the dead " ... I tracked it down on Youtube and found your story very interesting , here's the link cued at the right place .... https://youtu.be/FwAlbFBnutg?t=5542.


You come over as very smart , and obviously sensitive to be aware you had a spirit attachment in the first place , most people have these of one type or another but are unaware they do  .... And I had to laugh when you upset that medium with your bluntness ...it's  the sort of thing I do ..  Anyway I hope you're still free from attachments ....


I found your book very hard work , but from what little I've read I believe your on the right track ... 


Would you like to tell us how you came to write such an unusual tome ... would you like to take up your life story from where the documentary left off?


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Thanks for your reply. Really good to receive your feedback and glad you like the book. 


Spirit attachment-wise it's actually an issue of contact I've had that started soon after I offered an invitation of contact to the spirit realm. It's still with me, so I'm not free yet. I know I didn't deserve anything negative and just have to keep praying. 


The demonic can mean that which relates to the world, as in the god of this world. Quite a revealed thing to have in your life, and in fact that factor means a snag from freedom of something global that probably won't be dethroned whatsoever in my lifetime. 


The documentary was 2004, the problem of contact began in 1999. After I worked with Sharon I tried getting help with a number of shamans, healers and two or three priests, without luck. Church tradition is strong but faltered for me when it hit getting real about beliefs. When the church work fell apart I have been bereft of such a clean power as what the church held and things are sadly weak for any dethronement of the problem I incurred whatsoever. I'm on the way to 50 later this decade and I thank whatever lucky stars I have going. 


I'm a big fan of David Icke and enjoying this website. What about you? Where in life are you at? I guess you're a fan of David Icke, what stuff are you into? 

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On 5/30/2023 at 12:59 AM, Ben77 said:

Spirit attachment-wise .... It's still with me, so I'm not free yet. ....I  just have to keep praying. 

Yes I think Praying is the key ..... Other agents (like the blind lady you saw) are only so good to the extent they invite assistance from God ... It's God or his agents in the Divine realm who deal with issues like this , but must be invited to help .. We can do it ourselves by inviting this help ourselves. 


Someone you mayfind helpful is Karl Mollison , he's an expert in spirit attachments , in removing them and in teaching how this can be done oneself , In this video he deals with spirit attachments ... https://youtu.be/yiO15GdaYQo




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