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Give psychopaths the tools and they will do your job for you.....


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Yeah this case is sickening. As we all know, only psychopaths are hired (or perhaps are willing) to be cops these days. But this beggars belief even for a psychopath. It shows that these psychopaths are not very well trained in combat, or for any of the situations they often encounter. How can you have a job where you go out to domestic and family violence, mental illness cases, dementia, and suicide, and yet these psychopaths have almost zero training in those things? 


I have worked in both the dementia and suicide fields and I can say that the cops have no clue how to approach and deal with either. I have heard cops shouting at people suicidal, all because they have no clue what they are doing. It is criminal that a cop does not have the combat/negotiation skills to deal with people who are frail, 95 and with dementia without use of a gun or taser. 

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