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This is truely a massive subject , and I believe it is the elephant in the living room , the main mechanism by which the controllers  manipulates humanity.


This is understandable , if you are depraved and prey on others , you will seek controll over them by mental influence ... Isn't this what a con man does , he wants to get the victim to trust him , invest in his scam .. he will talk the victim into believing he can make a lot of money , he just has to invest ... so this is a type of mind control.


Perhaps we should start by going back a few hundred years to the dawn of Mesmerism , later called Hypnotism 




 Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer, a physician who lived in Vienna, Austria during the mid 18th Century realised he could put people in a trance , take them over so they became his robot or slave , get them to perform tasks which later they would have no memory of doing! ... What he had infact discovered was the backdoor that the ET's had engineered into humanity via their genetic tamperring with us (through abductions) over the millenia. The ET's have  change us to have a subconciouse mind (as Freud later called it) a part of ourselves , a part of our minds, which we have no knowledge of ... THIS IS NOT NATURAL !  Freud revealed that it is this subconciouse mind which forms our beliefs and governs much of our behaviour and we are not aware of it ! it's not under our willful control! 


Trauma based Mindcontrol 


This is a very nasty subject ... The NAZI's first got into this , and with the CIA recruiting  Mengele after WWII was developed furthur by the US ... it involves torturing the victim untill the mind fragments into many 'Alters' or seperate personalities , so that one portion of the person can be programmed to carry out tasks and have no memory ... This is much more powerful than hypnosis and the victim cannot remember or reveal their activities even under hynosis or torture ... This is reported to be massivly used by secret service in many countries , to produce reliable secret agents , and sex slaves who cannot tell tales for eliete and politicians . 


The reptillians helped the CIA develop trauma mindcontrol ,  because it is extremly destructive to the victim , the  reps  love torture and pain. ... These ET's have much more sophisticated methods which they keep to themselves and use en mass on ALL humans... 


.....More to follow....

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28 minutes ago, screamingeagle said:

why the UFO forum Oz?


Yes ... I wasn't  quiet sure where to put it ..."politics and social engineereing " or  "nature of reality" in the end I went for "UFO's and Aliens" because it's the Aliens , I believe,  who are behind the most advanced and subtle  form of MK which effects the man on the street , what humans do through agencies like CIA and MI5 is insignificant. 

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https://www.theblackvault.com/documentarchive/mind-control-collection/ - some great documents to get your head around here. This has been researched for decades and decades and decades. MK Ultra had multiple subprojects, some of which became the foundation for technology we use today.



https://www.theblackvault.com/documentarchive/cia-mkultra-collection/ - this is massive! Both in terms of sheer amount of documentation but also the information within.


Then there is social engineering via media, Tavistock Institute, Nudge Unit, centralised health i.e. WHO, CDC. Big Pharma propaganda via media things like that. We saw a lot of the psychological techniques during the scamdemic.

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All inteligent life forms think due to the movement of electrical currents in the brain , and physics tells us whenever a current flows and electrical wave is transmitted , which can move away from the body resulting in the aura and also telepathy . Telepathy and mindcontrol /mindinfluence are very closely related.


I remember in my youth as an aspiring  magician I experimented with this ... If I was in a small social gathering in a friends flat , I would try to impulse the host to play a certain record , or perhaps to get up and turn the volume up or down on the record player ... it didn't work most of the time , but enough to convince me there was something going on ... Many factors involved here . If I would have tried to get my friend to take out his wallet and give me all his cash this would never have worked , he would have noticed something strange going on ... But in a relaxed setting if the thought came into his head the music was too loud , he would be more likely to take this as his own thought /perseption and adjust the volume. Luckily I did not explore this avenue too much , overiding anothers free will produces seriouse karmic depts.


You will remember there is a coalition of 3 seperate ET races controlling our civilisation ... They each have their own home planet and their own societies which are a nightmare to live in , being cutthroat , built on domination and control of those under them , continual competition to get an advantage over their fellows . And this has enevitably led to the use of mindinfluence over competitors .... They're civilisations have been around millions of years , and they are individually very long lived being able to use technology to replace outworn body parts ... A long life enables the individual to develope mindinfluence to a very powerful level , because they work at it non stop , their status and wellbeing depends on it in their savage world ..... 


When they encounter humans we are putty in their hands ! We are stupid and weak minded and have no idea this can happen .... We know from many diverse sources the Reptilians can paralize a human on the spot . lnduce extreem levels of terror in them , dominate their minds . 


The Arcturians could also do this , if they wished , but are more subtle and less savage than the Reps . The arcturians can pass for humans in apearance , and so are used to liaise with human , be our friends , often working with military to develope weapons ... humans technicians would not be able to work comfortably with reps , just their appearance would induce terror in most...


So the NAZI's had ET assistance with weapons developement from Acturian Maria Orsic 




Mariah's mind influencing abilities would be a big part in this alien/human interaction ... Reports say engineeres were bewitched by her , were desperate to please her , some say in love with her  ... they probably put this down to her great beauty . She would want to get their maximum effort and cooperation to develop technical equipment superior to the allies ... The  Aliens were treading carefully , they wanted Hitler to win , but keep secret that they were helped by ET's , so it had to apear humans were developing this technology.


So all three Alien groups have advanced psycic and mindcontrol abilities , but this control requires a one on one interaction and since the aliens here are very few in number (millions) and we are billions , they have to achieve control by focusing on the leaders , political leaders , scientific leaders , religiouse leaders , and also leaders in the truth movement to keep knowledge of their control secret.

I mentioned in a post the other day how they helped with the Fakeing  of Apollo 11 .. they just abducted Kubric and others , put their consciouse minds to sleep and used them and their skills for a few weeks to fake the film ... then mindwiped them and returned them to normal life . This is not So unbelievable , a hypnotist could do the same to a suggestable person . 


There are degrees of suggestability (as any hypnotist will tell you) a few % a hypnotist can do anything with .. a few % are totally resistant , and the rest are inbetween ...


It is the suggestable portion of the population the Aliens are looking out for and find it very easy to work with and control , this trait  runs in the family so the ET's will follow families lines and help get these suggestable people into positions of power ...


I am reminded of the case of Simon Parkes . He is a very prominant figure in the (Fake) Truthmovement .. he has a VERY big following who he directs to , what at first glance, maybe seen as very worthwhile activities  ... campagning against 5G ..mass meditations to stop CERN ...

He is an abductee and ex politician ,he has said on record that he is working with a group of ET's who's goal is to "repopulate the Earth with Alien/human hybrids" ... and he  is very proud of the fact he comes from a family of freemasons , he tells us his grandfather and mother worked for the CIA/MI5. 


Labour councillor claims he 'had his first sexual experience with an alien when he was six' 



So I'm suggesting the ET's have taken a great interest in the Parkes family because this  linage is particularly suggestable , will not ask difficult questions ,are very suseptable to mind influence ,  they will be helped into positions in MI5 , or in Simon's case used to promote the Alien Ajenda , muddy this issue ,. He will be controlled by remote psycic ET influence to  misslead and distract truth seekers into fruitless activities ( realistically were never going to stop 5G or CERN but such attempts will atract truth seekers and waste their time ) 


.... more to follow ....

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10 hours ago, TheConsultant said:

.....did you not notice covid19 unfold? was that aliens?


Well everything is aliens .... Meaning the aliens are the real controllers of all that unfolds .. the aliens  would have decided when this was going to happen , they would have informed the illuminati , their alien/hybrid families ( royals , rothschilds and others) to get prepared and the illumininati would have told the lower downs , Bill Gates and others to lay the ground work years in advanced to prepare the public and politicians ....


Word is this was a real virus , engineered in one of their off world labs .... they would have laid a fasle trail , to suggest it came from Wuhan , this helps increase tensions between the West and China increasing likelyhood of WWIII down the road   ...


The aim was to cull the heard and cause global economic collapse , none of which happened , they are not all powerful! 



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When we look at our society it's true to say things have hardly progressed at all ... Our road viehcles use the same internal combustion engines that were used 100 years ago ... our planes use the same jet engines invented 80years ago , space travel is still by primitive rockets .. the outer wrappings of these viehcles may have been upgraded but inside they're the same ... and this is true for all areas ,electricity generation , ... medicine ... everything ... with just one exception ! 


Computing and wireless transmision ...


What has happened in electronics over the last 50 years is truely extrordinary . Hundreds of millions of components can now be crammed into a small chip a centimeter square .. the way these are produced and at such a low cost beggars belief ...


Computer chip under extreme magnification  



The development of this technology has been assisted by the ET's , they want mass computor access by the public , everyone with smart phones .. Not primarily to trace track and monitor us , as many believe .... The main reason for this is because it allows the errection of 5G masts everywhere , and this is the electronic mindcontrol grid .

The 5G signals which carry the information used by our devices is also the Carrier wave  . Finer electical ossiclations piggyback on this carrier wave and are decoded by nanochips we have injested , into a form that can enter through the backdoor genetically  engineered into us for this purpose .. the backdoor into our unconciouse mind! 


These injested nano chips we have inside us are another level of sophistication and miniturisation , pure alien tech , manufactured off world , invisible to the eye .. They are put in bottled water . We are informed (God Karl Mollison ) that the whole reason bottled water was introduced world wide was to diseminate these nanochips . No Earthbound humans are involved .. this is carried out by operatives in the SSP , they can beam into waterbottling facilities in the night and put these chips in the water ...

Sounds unbelievable? They have been abducting people useing these abilities(tech)  for hundreds of years ... they can beam into your bedroom and abduct you thriough solid walls to be carried of in a waiting cloaked craft ! This has been extensivly documented .. hundreds of books , thousands of cases.


So now the controllers have a worldwide mindinfluence grid based on technology , they are no longer reliant souly on the one on one interaction by psycic means  which they have to spend time personally on , it's more automated and makes life for them much easier .. But they will still get involved personally and use psycic power on high value  targets.


So this is what were up against ! This is why everyones in a trance , is unintrested and lethargic , except for things like "global warming"  , activisim in this will be mindinfluenced to happen 


How can we defeate such advanced tech and power ? We can't , not alone ...


We have to request the assistance of a greater power , the supreme power ...GOD  



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12 hours ago, oz93666 said:

Word is this was a real virus , engineered in one of their off world labs .... they would have laid a fasle trail , to suggest it came from Wuhan , this helps increase tensions between the West and China increasing likelyhood of WWIII down the road   ...

I believe it was Ukraine and China, follow the investments and gain of function research, I think it very much was meant to be a real virus released but it was stopped, then media weaponised placebo and flu. Of course vaccination plays a role in potentially making people more unwell as well, as do masks over the longer term.

Not convinced covid was aliens, why would it need to be manipulated off planet? Especially when we are perfectly capable and do do that ourselves already in various biological labs all over the world? Rosemont Seneca, bio lab investments, US embassy website, 46 "peaceful" bio labs in Ukraine. Ukraine being infiltrated from elsewhere and not really having autonomy of their own for decades and decades. They have been at war for a long time.

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! After reading this article and watching the attached video I really wish that people would spend more time researching than yacking. First off they mis-Quote Sitchen by saying that mankind was created by reptilians.... Research work done by Gerald Clark and you will find that the engineers were/are not reptilian. But some have been interacting with the reptilians that were the downfall of the earlier years (Atlantis) . Review the Emerald Tablets. Even the heavily edited book (bible) does mention them as the ones who control from the shadows. an individual uses these methods for creating multiple computers then all those individuals become partakers into what Dr Ta said about how humans should think if we want our own future...and there may come another day where someone else creates robots like us but instead make themselves self aware through technology rather easily using only certain parts - i am sure most others don't understand just because science fiction doesn`t seem quite right..so maybe someday humanity might realize why man needs superpowers?

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