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About the ancient giant silicon-based trees

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What do you think about this theory, the giant silicone-based trees from antiquity?

Here is a good video about it:


I think it is correct. All those mesas and mountains look like giant tree stumps. Also many ancient mythologies from the whole world mention giant trees or even fantastical trees of the Tree of Life type (for example, the Bible, Norse mythology, and many more). Many of these mountains, if not all, have basaltic hexagonal parts, exactly like trees. The hexagon shape is important in our matrix.

This theory says that they were silicon-based, not carbon-based, although that part of the theory is very specific and interesting, I haven't found a more detailed explanation or description as to why they were silicon-based.

The YouTube channel EnterTheStars explains that these giant trees were gateways to Heaven, so they had some kind of inter-dimensional property. EnterTheStars also explains that the elite, the Illuminati, knows about these ancient trees and they have exposed that information via movies, TV, art, media, etc. (for example, Avatar).

Well, also, that video from YouTube mentions that the Nephilim cut down these trees. What I'm thinking is that the reptilian, the same fallen angels, cut them down to damage the Earth and to damage our extrasensory capabilities, to diminish our ability to enter higher states of consciousness. That helped the reptilians to infiltrate the Earth and create the Illuminati.

Do you think I'm right? Was that the reason the trees were cut down? If the reptilians cut them down, how did they do it?

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On 5/18/2023 at 4:38 AM, Gluoniel said:

Do you think I'm right? Was that the reason the trees were cut down? If the reptilians cut them down, how did they do it?


Yes, but it weren't the fallen angels it was the Nephilim who were Giants, Genesis 6.


IMO there is still one left which is at the center of the earth based in the North Pole (the garden of Eden) & it is called the naval of the world. It is what is known to be the tree of life & it is known to the Norse as Midgard (a bridge that leads us to Heaven). Watch the movie 'Thor'. It's not so far fetched as one might tend to believe.


I reckon that all these Giant trees used to lead us to Heaven and were deliberately cut down for reasons only these secret societies know about. So much of our history has been rewritten by the evil ones & they have tried so hard to keep the truth to themselves but is slowly coming all out.


I Watch 'Enterthestars' all the time as this guy is very informative.


Thanks for this post 👍 



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