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Elon Musk is stepping down as Twitter and SpaceX CEO

Mono Inc

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13 hours ago, Mono Inc said:


How is Musks image f##@ed?


Quiet right ! The rocket got off the launch pad after all , and even managed to fly for a few minutes before blowing up ... That's a great sucess , as this video and Musk is constantly brainwashing everyone to believe ... It was a great triumph! 


We know the launch pad was blown apart by the trust of the engines , and showerd lumps of concrete everywhere doing extensive damage to nearby tanks and other equipment  , but no one could have forseen that ... And we know the FFA have now blocked future flights untill they review the damage caused to nearby homes , wildlife and the environment from flying concret and dust ....


So all in all a great sucess and learning experience. 


But I don't blame Musk or his team , they will all be targeted by mindcontrol to make such disasters happen ... and of cource the ET controllers  can easily cause any rocket to blow up without leaving evidence.


Bottom line They do not want people in space ... Only rockets putting up 5G mind control satelites .


So Musk is bailing out ... there was talk of Space X going bankrupt in this video 

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