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GB News states BBC is Anti-Monarchy and Anti-British - LOONY !!!!!


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GB News says: " You would have thought the British Bashing Corporation, Woke ITV and Sly News would have found one weekend to put the divisive, anti-UK rhetoric to one side, right, as the country united for the amazing Coronation of King Charles the Third"

- Here gb news states the media is anti monarchy and anti britain - which is the biggest lie anyone has every spoken in the history of mankind, with the amount of arse kissing the media has done concerning the royals over the many years

GB News: " Chance would be a fine thing given how much the media despise the fine traditions of this country. So appalled were the champagne socialists who make up the London metropolitan media elite that they did everything possible to rain on the historic royal parade. In fact, the woke mind virus seemed to infect their coverage of this wonderfully historic and amazing celebratory event.




And, as ever, race baiting was at the heart of their bid to divide.

Not one moment was more disappointing than the blatant racism from Bridgerton actress Adjoa Andoh who, for some reason, was invited by ITV to contribute to its Coronation day coverage.

Probably because she’s a well-known defender of Harry and Meghan.

And, at a moment of history, she decided the biggest takeaway from the balcony appearance was the colour of the participants’ skin, not the amazing spectacle of the new and generous king.

But when Andoh appeared on BBC Radio 4 the next day, rather than challenge her over her anti-white discrimination, the presenter Paddy O'Connell instead reassured her that she’d upset no one…

I have a feeling the level of complaints flooding in probably disprove that theory, Paddy.

But that wasn’t the end of the out of touch nature of the Beeb coverage.

Its royal correspondent Jonny Dymond…

…used the day itself to describe the Coronation as the “strangest show in town”.

A Radio 2 DJ dismissed it as “Tory Christmas”.

And BBC bosses decided to make one of their main studio contributors for the festivities a woke Harry and Meghan ally called David Olusoga who despises the Commonwealth and Brexit…

Tone deaf, unpatriotic and divisive – everything we’ve come to expect from the British Bashing Organisation.

Has there ever been a moment in history where the media elite has been more out of touch with the British public? "



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They are trying to pigeon hole the british public into two boxes:


1) The BBC viewers are neo-marxists who want to remove british sovereignty and in order to do that they must remove the monarchy which is a symbol of british sovereignty and part of the constitutional framework of this country


2) On the other hand the GB News camp wants to retain british sovereignty and identity and the british constitution and therefore wish to keep the british monarchy


The role of the british monarchy within the constitutional framework is that it is the job of the monarch to look at every piece of legislation that the parliament seeks to create and then decide if the bill runs contrary to the british constitution and the sovereignty of the british people. If it does then the monarch, in theory, would REFUSE royal assent for the bill and the bill would not then become an 'act of parliament' and part of the british legal framework.


There are 2 main issues that many people within the truth arena have with this:


1) They do not believe that charles is an honest broker because he has shared a stage with klaus schwab of the world economic forum and has voiced his support for the WEF's 'great reset' agenda which of course runs contrary to british sovereignty and therefore it would be the job of charles as monarch to BLOCK any attempt by the parliament to make any part of the WEF's agenda, statute 'law' and obviously people in the truth arena don't trust charles to do that and instead fully expect him to rubber stamp any bills that ratify WEF policies (coming by proxy through complicit british politicians), in betrayal of his coronation oath to the british people and constitution.


2) many people in the truth movement are anarchists or have anarchistic leanings and don't believe there should be a monarchy at all


Now number 2 here obviously carries risks because its one thing to remove the monarchy with good intentions but its another thing to be able to then fill that void with something better. The danger is of course that once a vacuum is created, that in fact plays into the hands of BBC supporting neo-marxists who want to replace our current constitutional monarchy with the chinese communist model




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On 5/9/2023 at 8:45 AM, Macnamara said:

They do not believe that charles is an honest broker because he has shared a stage with klaus schwab of the wor


More than shared a stage, the royals are all fully paid up members of the WEF, what sellouts !!!!

And they, as you quite rightly state, claim to be working in the best interests of the british people  !!!!

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On 5/10/2023 at 6:27 PM, Anti Facts Sir said:

BBC, GB News, Talk TV, ultimately all the same shite in different packaging. BBC lean towards woke, the others lean towards the far right.


Neither are our friend.


some good stuff is being said on GB news but they have created a false dichotomy which acts as a new but expanded overton window where some perspectives are still not spoken out loud

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37 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


some good stuff is being said on GB news but they have created a false dichotomy which acts as a new but expanded overton window where some perspectives are still not spoken out loud

Yep, I agree 100%. GB news are staying within the boundaries and obeying the rules laid down to them. Any 'journalist' who is deemed getting 'close' to the edge has to then accept a contract that silences them....if they do not like it they can leave.....doesn't that sum up what GB news really is?

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When a story gets to become such common knowledge that everyone knows about it , the msm has to report on it. No matter how totally embarrasing it is to them, no matter how excruciatingly they hate it they must report on that story. This is the purpose of gb news and similar outlets

Because they last thing they want is the stupid sheep to think : " Hmm, here's a story, i know about it, my friends know about it, everyone knows about it, but the bbc are not reporting on it. That's strange. That suspicious. Hmm,  intresting: Does this mean the bbc censor information, does the bbc tell lies? I wonder "

This is the last thing they want. Is for the msm to come under suspicion, for people to be pricked awake. All these sellout presenters like philip schoefield or holly willoughby who smile at you and pretend to be your best friend :

The Sheep: " They would never lie to me, would they? They seem like such nice people. All this handy advice they keep giving out, telling which which is the best and safest vaccine to take, when to do the next lockdown. I can trust them, can't I ? "

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