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new speed camera that uses AI to scan inside car

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Full list of different types of speed cameras and how they catch out drivers



Drivers are being warned about a new AI speed camera which looks inside cars. The “4D” radar and super-resolution cameras are able to look inside vehicles and detect if drivers are on the phone or not wearing a seatbelt.

The Sun reports that the Redspeed Sentio camera can be linked to DVLA and police databases to check tax and insurance on the spot. It can monitor six lanes night and day and be combined with other units to check average speeds.

The solar-powered gizmos have enough energy to work overnight. Critics have branded the camera “ Big Brother’s cash machine”.



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27 minutes ago, alexa said:


Absolutely disgusting - I can see it now, camera's all up and down every motorway in Briton, I just hope they don't end up with camera's that can see inside our homes & end up putting them up in your road.


its RADAR not a camera ok they have a camera as well 

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