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Why It's A Bad Idea To Blog About Anything On The Internet


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I have arrived at the conclusion that if you know something at the top of your head and that you researched it fair and square either at school for a project or via the internet raw, unfiltered and uncensored content. Then what I would say is never blog at about anything that might be classified to a government if they where to come across say my content for

example where I blogged about all kinds of issues between the national security professions, what the internet called the deep state even though pretty I'm pretty certain by now

the likes of a deep state according to the way they understand it and myself as well the likes of the deep state is everything government all the way up to the rich elite and the banking

elite too so when people wanted to conspire against the government including myself well I did it the wrong way and blogged about it instead where the likes of government caught into

me talking about things and typing it out as if it was classified or whatever language they to describe such things and that well for the most part when I got to third attempt at blogging I

apparently that caught somebody's attention with my content all over it and that well my life from being relatively fine to really screwed and that well I deleted pretty much everything I could think of before thought police being the police on the street would come and knock down my door in the middle of the night with weapons drawn and ready for anything I would

say that nope forums some social media here and there to make look as if I hate my conspiracy facts and work against myself from mainstream social media and everyone gets to see

how really hate myself and that well the likes of the forums but not chans I just transfer the knowledge via there foresights to whatever region of the world they live in and internet channeling might be a happening thing where people just need to smoke weed and transfer it out of there body using there own ISP but not someone else's unless they have password

and passphrase or maybe they might need psychedelics drugs to do it and that the EMF broadcast wave if you put it in the right place and you smoke enough weed or take a whole bag

of magic mushrooms and for the most part sit comfortably in front of the router or place near your bed or which works for you and that you let the device suck in all those vibes and it

will take to the foresights in somebody else but do be sure that you don't have a wiretap on your ISP or which wireless devices you use because then you'll be sending it to them and then ratting yourself in the process. So my suggestion to myself from now is printing off pictures if people I know and keeping them handy around me where I sit back and close my eyes and just send whatever vibrations someone might need something that you know about and well for the most part it helps something happened then that's cool.  

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