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Tucker tucks off………


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5 minutes ago, Truthblast said:


If life gives you lemons... make lemonade.




A great day for democracy. Lemon had a reign of lies (and prima donna bullying and misogyny), was pivotal in the woke takeover of mainstream news, and a main player in the election hoax, making all elections null and void from now on. What a legacy.

End of a shit era.

Hopefully this poses an opportunity for truth to come back into the news. Not the mainstream, but the alternative and truther variety may come more to the fore.



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World Alternative Media



Josh Sigurdson reports on the firing of Tucker Carlson and the potential reasons behind it as the mainstream media collapses and independent media flourishes.
It turns out that BlackRock of all corporations owns around 15.1% of Fox News and the Murdoch family appears to be preparing to sell the company. Considering the connection between BlackRock and the Great Reset, could this be the reason for Tucker Carlson getting fired?

Duration 00:21:16




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13 hours ago, northern star said:

He should go to RT


That would be revolutionary!


BringBackCarlson perhaps, 🤣👍

Speaking the truth would be revolutionary, and exposing it would certainly be entertaining from the stand point of a paid public service of the people and actually doing what the job entails, instead of talking complete bolloxs and collecting pay cheque's as though entitled to it by virtue of birth right or being part of the nod and a wink crowd.

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Looks as though Murdoch hates the mention of God. 


Vanity Fair magazine reported that the real reason Rupert Murdoch fired Tucker Carlson was his outrage over Mr. Carlson’s speech last week to the Heritage Foundation during which time he said America is facing an onslaught of evil and that people need to pray to God for help for the nation.





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