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Exposing Child Abuse exploitation. The global the corruption.

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As many of you know I was a super fan of the Dalai Lama


This shows why religion are trying to become government. you can't just sluff this off with cultural difference. we live in 2023 not in 600 bc. the family should charge this man with assault on a minor.

I live in a really tight knit community.

People know each. I was asked what is the difference between a cleric an a murder I has said there is none and history shows this very clearly. There are NO FAITH that Servest God So he ask if there all going down. I said we all die. so we all go down. I use my right hand and point at him to the left my side. and said to this good agnostic man you'll go that way with me. I point at wife a do the same thing now he feels he on to something the discussion get more warm up we continual talking. Using no one can know. that part of dyeing. I that wrong I know ; I spent years showing the UK n Euro I do know what happen to us after death. Al most 40 year globally he ask how can they be viewed the same way 

I said there not. them use my left and point to my right if they fuck up. they burn I say to him there floating down a flaming river. Of corce we all seen that.


Were all deal with by what done. i explain the Mark of the beast n the book of life lightly. Not like of done here. I explain very basicialy.  So if a  cleiric has done good thing he's Not going down the river. they go's to the left were they can be defended by reclamation.


This is an adult's only topic and should be treated as such.

It should be NOTE right here if you hinder the people seeking Justus.

you deserve what happening to you and that big black cloud over you

On any other site I be likely life time band.



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I wounder how many of you can why this is piece ass sucking is NOT needed in our society. I wonder if you can tell  who this is directed at.

EP1: Orc Massage Gameplay Walkthrough in 4K UHD [Adults Only]

Notice the child age the undevoted body Notice what it represents and what its projecting and who its benign project at

This 18 + is New This sold on a site where games for every age can be found. you can access this software with momy n daddys card. Is this ethically sound behaver or straight corruption. on every level. This game is sold in Canada. this passed Canadian sensors .


in my humble opinion this is the promotion of NON human sex or beastieality............. imposed on youth. and very young adults


Sky's So what is the software company promoting what are the nations that aloud this software promoting



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Early on in my time here on Mr Ickes site ; I try to explain how easy it would be for evil to dishonor the RC Church. or any other faith. a great sign is people dying around a religion promoted by the actual religion or faith. Which apposes the lord our god which is good an a teacher. so a religion promoting death corruption of the common good is viewed as dishonorable. 


example ; using battle field of to day. Mr Puttin spoke out stated the same facts he did 15 years ago. then he got sick of the UN and NATO build an missiles on his borders. Hell we all watch it happen he said he coming he took the time to build up this gave time the Ukraine to build there army. Both sides are puking propaganda like whore on pay day Saturday night

Or leaving your nation like a bunch thieve in the night preparing for a sneak attacks


Which was honorable.

WAR is anti god. no matter what the reason.

Why could Mr Puttin be guilty of WAR CRIME. Because he is there leader. HE accountable for action of his force's. and be held account the damages a lost life an living hoods

The UN could guilty of genocidal mass murder. They set it up and prosecuted the plan

you have remember UN and NATO  there puppets of the G twat ever G20 who are puppets of


This why under honor ; France is account for this man France has obligated it SELFS To see that this get a fair trail.

The religion's of the world are NOT ABOVE the LAW,

This come down to human agendas


you take 1 misguided person male or female. to corrupt those teaching of many. an then by planed or unplanned.

make those who have a true intend of good Look all bad. to then be seen as all evil . because of 1 person

honestly i don't know if this man is guilty or not. To me he is accused.

that beaning said ; When a person is accused. the State generally has what it need to CONVICED. Or he she, would not be accused.

Canada it has a pretty good Justus system.

if fundamentally built from the UK and many other nations we now call the EU To day

Canada's Justus system has been up dated sometimes Sure it can fail That showing where we can  do better..

Like making the government leadership accountable for there action.

The Canada Justus system dose not work if there are UNTOUCHABLES. All Canadian have and extrema mistrust of the rich the powerful . It one those things we all have in common. That is the true tell of actual democracy. All man created equal. ALL MAN created equally.

ALL MAN meaning Him or her

the Honorable mr So n so of. Is a statement of stewardship of public trust. Not of leadership.

An so as a matter of a nation who willing to appose something like that. or mislead a common knowledge as an well known fact a time limit has to be seen in a doobies light. France could of mis lead but its common knowledge. So that put the failing on Canada an a failure of common photocall Or having there own agenda. to circumnavigate or corruption a Justus system.

When you evade that palee for Justus Especial in the case of Children . leave one wondering Why for what purpose's or is just fear in what will be said or whom it might exposé


So that really it left to France honor bounded  by stopping the processes.  investigate is warrant these matters and beeping honor bound to prove this man with a fair trail. To know one or the other to bring settlement to 1 of the other party's


Sky's he a runner so. you dont run if you gone nothing to hide. its to far from the oven to cook some eat's


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Check  out this marathon podcast this weekend of Welsh mothers fighting against sex education/grooming for children

Well here we are the biggest podcast yet, in aid of  Public Child Protection Wales

Donate to our biggest show to date HERE

And here is the line up.  Kim and Lou will be popping in and out over the 36 hours

Donate to our biggest show to date HERE
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thanks sorry Tim i didn't get back sooner.. i might of missed the site notifying me you've posted. This subject take a lot out me. because of the innocence of the victims. to the monsteras acts of covering them up. Or perpetuate new monsteras act's in plain sight.


here something for every one to consider ; I am a user of Steam games. I play the best of what is available on this gaming monopoly. something I am against. well I am against anything that capitalize on anything living.  including humans. In other words im the devil to them come to collect.


n e who On steam right a side from there other xxx offensive material's that any one with a card can buy.

on steam < likely be pulled down fast is ;

Human Farm - Rehabilitation





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Ozzy up here in this post because a man fighting his own demon as well as other. Especial benign rock superstar. he him self would had to face these demon like Randy Backmen. and other stars.


With Ozzy any one can name 2 or 3 tunez strictly about child abuse.


Lastly with Ozzy if he wanted the video remove with 1 call they be gone. I'm thinking Oz man is far more powerfull money wise n if he want he make short work of my a$$. my self i be more worried about priest n what that say about the EU n UK right France


Skys After all ; i am call home my chickens 500 million throw covid


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I hope it when well north star and UK awareness is raise on this subject. How ever there hiding at the highest levels of every government making it harder an harder to bring them down. right to the point I say I don't do ass wipe laws built to protect those very peoples.


in Canada we have bunch of skid marks claiming to be elected. Who have blamed the church for the Child murders. but it was the then governments who choose to cover up these monsteras acts. which make each of the pollical party's complicit in those murders. why they continual to cover it up there party criminal act to cover up these events.

They been try to cover up there envolowment in these acts of child murder since it started to this day. No one has been brought to Justus. No one black balled in historic account. just them passing the buck


the fact that that priest is not facing the law prove there a cover up in both nations. it prove that nation is involowed. with these acts. i am not going after a person. i am going for groups pollical party's Kings and queens


democracy is about people controlling there governments A dictatorship is about government controlling the population



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hey DaleP always great to see a post from you. yup it over a million people in the US. I suggest that at lest 10 to 20 x higher. based on the interview of the Sound of freedom X-CIA guy. I also suggest to you that also high level government covering most of this up. Just like in Canada and the UK


I don't think that North America is ground zero Oh think that go's to Euro n Asia. an its backed by Russia organized crimes or the Russia government.


A place like Japan produce this kind of pro child abuse more then any other nation in the world. 

Wars and the disappeared take most i would bet.


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