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Smokefree 2030 you'll vape and you'll be happy about it


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On 4/11/2023 at 10:33 PM, Velma said:

The government has swept aside all their concerns about the damaging impact of disposable vapes which they debated in 2022, such as the release of more plastics, electronical and hazardous chemical waste into the environment.


In particular, incorrect battery disposal can cause fire and health and safety risks at landfill sites. There is also concern about the use, and subsequent loss, of lithium contained in these products; a critical material which is in high demand.


Nonetheless, they are launching a scheme to give a million smokers free vapes, with a choice of products, strengths and flavours on offer to allow smokers to find the best product for them. More manufactured toxic garbage to litter our streets and rivers and end up in the belly of whales.


I bought a vape and the packaging was covered in warnings about its dangers and hazards, the worst one being the admission that they DO NOT KNOW the long-term effects! WTF? Then how can they sell it, especially to kids, with its sickly “tutti-fruitti’ flavours? Give me a Capstan Full Strength any day.






And there lies the answer to the question, 'how good are vapes for you?' If the government is looking to give these machines out for free...then like every other government scheme, it's not in your best interest to take them up on it!

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