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Eurovision - Heartstopping

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On 4/27/2023 at 12:19 PM, xpwales said:

Thank you for sharing your info Danny, will read-up on your referenced posts.


No worries mate. I'll add a little more context here rather than my previous post, I have linked your post from it to here...

This is based upon my way of thinking/feeling about this if you like for anyone wanting to get their head around it.

Accompanying material I feel is appropriate for those who want to see. 


Everything to do with the symbolism we're seeing here is to do with Transhumanism.

COVID and the Transgender Agenda are paths towards Transhumanism, everything to do with the globalist technocracy is being engineered to technologically enslave and transform humanity. 

The "heart stopping" can literally be a way and means of stopping peoples hearts through the use of technology. Which appeared to be popular following the jab at football events, often times without explanation and such mass gatherings like music concerts etc The worst of which, we are lied to about as "crowd surges" and the like.


They use the spiritual aspect of the rainbow symbolism to reference the "transcendence to a new human" (The Coming Race) and the war upon the human spirit essentially.

This is a war upon the chakras using the rainbow to symbolise this and to do this, they need to shutdown the heart or, heart based consciousness for transhumanist technologies to work.

This war on the chakras closes the bridge between man and heaven, paradise or higher states of being, consciousness if you like.

By entering into a pact by accepting transhumanism, you're accepting this and it will be symbolically played out as if "this is the time'/"we're out of time" I believe through a false flag that sees the collapse of Golden Gate Bridge.

This global one world order is to the demise of heart/spirit and is seeking to transform the human condition so it can be better controlled. So consciousness can be better utilised as they see it, by us all manifesting the same reality we will accept these changes more easily by actually desiring them.

Now at least, we have to be tricked.

Where and when these types of repeatable patterns of symbolism occur we should pay attention as to what's being sold or engineered through the platform or event.


Sherlock - Execution 


Sherlock - Steel Your Mind - Widen Your Gaze 👁️ Jack the Ripper

Steel your mind or else have it Stolen…
Public Enemy - Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos (Lyrics)
Into the Paradise 


💀 Korean Halloween Crush - 56 dead ☠️ 

Virtuosity 1996
🌈 Anyone Who Had a Heart ❤️ 
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell?
A war upon the temple, a war upon the heavens. 
Removing heart based emotions from society and replacing them with A.I. Thinking/imitation of emotion.
This “cloud” will be called the true universal consciousness which interconnects us all, makes us all truly one, which is imitating and a mockery of true universal consciousness, spiritual awareness/state outside the fragmentation of the physical world constructed through the state of our mind that seeks to separate one thing from another through arbitrary boundaries to create distinctions, mostly to apply limitations and absolutes which do not really exist. When we believe they exist inherently, this seeks to fracture the mind, creating confusion.
But, the spiritual aspects for the most part are perhaps another topic best discussed elsewhere.
It’s a way of controlling consciousness by reducing it to parts which can be controlled, conditioned and automated, here within the apparent physical state of existence.
This is a war upon the seven chakras - the rainbow - the seven churches of revelation.
This is a superimposition of the story of Noah - Noahide Laws - being imposed upon our world today, an exploitation/imitation of the story in fact to create a “New WorldOrder. Whilst at the same time it represents all things Transhumanism which is part of this NWO.
Seiichi Tanaka - Tsunami
Rising Sun 1993
The war upon the rainbow body - our aura - is a war upon the heart, designed to alter the human condition.
All these “silent weapons for quiet wars” to actually warfare are to reshape society, targeting the heart.
They’re designed to exploit people’s religious values and perspectives.
This is why the same symbolism is reoccurring but of course, many don’t see or read anything into this symbolism in the way we’re trying to do here.
It denotes globalist objectives taking place through this medium however it actually plays out.
Even if hopefully, it’s just like 2012 Zion Olympics of an orgy designed to celebrate "their world to come and what they have done" by the freaks behind its construction rather than an actual physical attack, it exists as a mockery.
Both are just as bad showing their intent and contempt for the great majority of us.
I hope this helps others understand what is being hit at here and why it’s important.
Some things - connections - will have to be seen for yourself.
COVID - Heart/The Sun - “Jabs Army” - Rainbow 
STORY OF...Fallen Angels...Giants...Aliens...Elongated Skulls.
Bicentennial Man (1999)
Marlena Shaw - California Soul (1969)
Could San Francisco be the infamous city of Revelation?
Zion Olympics Ceremony - 2012 
🕊️ The mythical creature of the New World Order - The Phoenix - “6uild 6ack 6etter”, “what we lose in the fire, we will find in the ashes.” - The Magnificent Seven 🌈 Chakras 
The two Liver birds are meant to be a male and female pair, with local legend stating that the female bird looks out at sea, making sure the seamen return to the city safely, while the male guards the city to watch over the seamen's families.
The Liver Birds are tied down to prevent them flying away. Legend says that if the Liver Birds fly away the city will cease to exist. The two clock towers are 295 feet high.
"A Better Tomorrow" 1986
Ray of Light (William Orbit Ultra Violet Mix)
For those of you who haven’t seen it yet… Where have you been?
And why haven’t you been reading my posts? 🧐
During COVID this must have been in nearly every thread.
It's quite clearly the mentality of those behind engineering these events. Not that its true what is being spoken but its what's being sold to us to justify them doing what they're doing and rationalising it etc.
Rainbow 🌈 Noah - Noahide Laws - Great Reset/6uild 6ack 6etter “Reboot”
GLOBAL WARMING, OVERPOPULATION - Dr Isaacs end the world scene (HD)



Mad On Her - Open Your Heart 


Judas Priest - Victim of Changes 
Prey for the Devil 2022
Will the real Charles please stand up?
Prince Clone VS Prince Charles....




Max Payne - If I Was Your Vampire 
Train strikes: Threat to Eurovision and FA Cup final as new dates are revealed
Two union disputes with train operating companies are to result in fresh strikes - including on the days of the Eurovision Song Contest and FA Cup finals.
The RMT union, which settled a pay row with Network Rail last month, said it would launch action across 14 train operators on Saturday 13 May - the day Liverpool hosts Eurovision's main event on behalf of war-torn Ukraine - after the breakdown of talks.
Its executive had been discussing a new offer from the Rail Delivery Group (RDG), which represents the companies.
The RMT claimed the operators had "torpedoed" the negotiating process.
The Babalon Working



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Posted (edited)

Some more food for thought…


I probably care about Eurovision as much as anyone else and the only reason it registered with me was when doing the lottery.

So I’ve only now actually looked at one of the acts that seems very apt it will probably win.


This is very obviously to do with the Djinn trapped between worlds, as is Transhumanism, a way of liberating this trapped consciousness state.

I’m sure that’s how some people see it. Particularly, Masons.

To do this, the human spirit has to be altered or suppressed to liberate this consciousness, thought to be the original true inhabitants of the physical realm that we have - humans -suppressed, as if the whole world is Palestine and we are the Zionist invaders. This is how they can justify what they do.

Note from the act…

The underworld and desert where these supernatural beings are said to reside.

This is what is being interpreted.

See where this is leading and anything else that fits this type of trend, if what we are seeing is a symbolical ritual event for ushering this state into being.

What this could have to do with Sweden 🇸🇪 on the other hand is anyone’s guess.

Just a vehicle for playing this out, or likely something to do with the War in Ukraine 🇺🇦 and the fact so many Islamic migrants seem to be being imposed upon Sweden. But, this isn’t simply to do with Islam.
It’s an open mockery of humanity, thought of as being blind and ignorant.
They call it, artistic merit and virtue signal inclusivity as if ushering in demons/a demonic state/hell in earth is a liberal act worth celebrating.


Not by the hair of my djinny djinn djinn 


Loreen From Euphoria to Tattoo: Loreen is launching her bid to become the first-ever female artist to win Eurovision twice.






Everything You Need To Know About ‘Tattoo’ By Loreen



Notice the Masonic “heartbeat” as the ritual begins.

The big “M” for “Moroccanoil”.

Maybe the more obvious floating cube depicting the trapped dark realm between realities which is being symbolically “liberated”, rising up.


M = 13 

The Cycle of Death and Rebirth 

The reincarnation loop - trap - cycle 


Loreen - Tattoo


The Thirteenth Floor


“Unleash the Beast”


“The Moonchild”


The X= Osiris Risen/Sun god god of underworld 

#egypt #sun #god #santanic #demons #fyp #celebrity #inplainsight #strangerthings #matrix #wakeup #signs #staywoke #jesus #jesuslovesyou



Osiris Risen: The Occult Meaning of the X Symbol


Lords of Acid - Yound Boys - Virtuosity



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Posted (edited)
Further on from the earlier posts…
The whole event is a giant ritual as you might expect. The result of all this or what and how it is intended to play out is what needs to be speculated upon. Anyone who can't see this is ritual to begin with may as well look no further as you won't get it or couldn't understand and need to get your head around this first.
Note how this also looks like someone either having a heart attack or some sort of chronic frustration with emphasis upon the heart.
As well as this also representing Osiris Risen as stated previously.
This also denotes a locked off heart chakra.
Surrounded by darkness and bound into bondage, a slave.
Of course, you're supposed to be hypnotised to the sexual suggestion of such symbolism and not look past this, but it of course has a deeper meaning/implications.
This also appears too again, be eerily reminiscent of a Djinn like being, made up of flowing strands like a web of the djinn which is manifesting usually like dissipating smoke. Just like the one mentioned above, this is another interpretation of the same thing. But of course, it's just art caught up in motion.
Rosemarys depiction of the Djinn - central nervous system like technology of disembodied souls, a distorted state of consciousness, fibre optic strands grown by nanotechnology 
The Relationship Between The Djinn & Humanity - Rosemary
Wishmaster - I Wish to Know What You Are… 
“I am despair…”
Wishmaster - Fear the Djinn
Traci Lords - Fallen Angel (Extended)

Several of the songs from Eurovision also have very obvious references to the heart in some way or another.
Higher - Creed
Golden Gate Bridge 🌉 
Just believe me when I say, you can’t make this shit up…
Being "beached" is an allegory for the bardo state, being stuck in limbo or in terms of Death Stranding, this state is brought closer to all those stuck on earth after a mass extinction event, like hell is trying hard to manifest upon earth, perhaps because so many more people are actually trapped in a lower reality trying to get out. Either way, it is still hell on earth "6uild 6ack 6etter".
Death Stranding - Heartman Explains The Beach // Heartman Origin Story
Death Stranding - Heartman Explains Extinction Entities // What Causes Death Stranding
Intruders - final episode the beach/bardo hypothesis continued, subtly linked throughout the series
29m29s - Maybe, be in Netherlands... 👍
She Sells Sanctuary (Remastered)
Here’s what can also be read into, from the Liverpool Echo…
Eurovision Song Contest 2023/Date
Tue, May 9, 2023 8:00 PM - Sat, May 13, 2023

Communal Spirit - Heart referencing throughout this event -  💉...  

Warm, Heat, Bomb and potential subtle references of fire can be seen throughout, from in the text to fire like light reflections from the photos etc




Osiris Slain 


Lots of references to heart 🫀




"May Day" - Going down V




13 - Unlucky for some - Judas



More heart and rainbow symbolism - Transgender Agenda to Transhumanism - Robots "Tell me if you think I'm reaching🫣...





The Wizard of Oz - For if you was under any doubt of the witchcraft...

The irony of ironies and inversion of inversions...

All this sycophantic shit of heart and love is about promoting and supporting war. It's about ushering in a state where people become "metal men" aka Supermen/Super Soldiers and have their hearts ripped from them more skilfully than Jack the Ripper ever could manage or hope to get away with.

The delusion will have you thinking and feeling otherwise and the naysayers calling us the delusional ones.

Of course, this the way it has to be until the masses wake up to this level of deception and manipulation.




Spectacle is mentioned several times throughout - being "blown away" - "Above and beyond" aka somewhere over the rainbow

Unity/communal spirit reinforced - The "golden thread" follow the yellow brick road

Pearl Harbor, JFK Assassination, 9/11 people can all remember where they were and what they where doing when such events as these taken place if it was in our lifetimes. Unless perhaps your George Bush.

The last comment reminds me of this.

As this situation in the Ukraine is designed to cripple our current economic system and in conjunction with COVID will be said to be contributing factors in WWIII if we continue to accept this deceit into creating conflict so the powers that be can "wipe their slate clean" and "reset" their game. They're using the Ukraine to engineer this and we have these sycophants, virtue signalling clowns, aiding and abetting through phoney sentimental sentiments towards the Ukraine instead of calling this out for what it is. 





"War is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength."

"Warmth" again


More of the same over the rainbow - "out of this world"

A technological path to transhumanism thrown in for good measure...

Has your mind been bent by all this?

I suspect that's the plan...

Essentially the limits of such technology is set for mass expansion until you really can't tell the difference and aren't told there's any difference...

It's designed to have no limits and destined to become more than a gimmick. Some may say it already has...





New World Order Unification 
Let’s make music great again ✊🏻
The authorities have accused Kiev of targeting Putin’s residence with drones
The Body is the Temple - The Desecration is all things encompassing Transhumanism
The war is on the heart - the chakras "the seven seals" - the death cult have inverted everything.
TOOL - Parabola (Official Video)
Back of Liverpool Echo 
All these type of pictures…
Can be found here…
Knight and Day - “Roy Saves June”
Agenda 21/30 - “The Great Reset” -  Selling Sustainable Development - Climate Change Initiatives

17 Liverpool Businesses Changing The World

Seeing Red - Killing Joke
Whore of Babylon x Madonna Remix | Metropolis
The Whore of Babylon - Goldfrapp - Metropolis - Nik Stamps
Further Notes:
Wear Yellow🤔
Whilst this also has to be looked at in reference to Eurovision which is dripping with Yellow...
Maybe the protest is designed this way to make someones job a little bit easier, so they know where to point the technology?
Don't you think?
If so, this "protest" will be aiding fascist technology and the whole agenda behind "wear yellow" and smile for the facial recognition cameras.
COVID no longer a global health emergency, World Health Organization says
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Posted (edited)

Hellish Themes of…

Death ☠️ Possession, Djinn, “Safety” and Dualism/Inversion - All wrapped up in the war upon the heart…



Who the hell are Teya and Salena? Eurovision Q&A


Who the hell is Käärijä?




UK Eurovision entrant Mae Muller: ‘In our hearts and minds it’s Ukraine’s year’



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Posted (edited)


Ukraine Eurovision act's city attacked before performance

✌️ "Europe, unite against evil for the sake of peace!" ☮️ 


Ten minutes before performing inside the Liverpool Arena, Tvorchi posted on Instagram citing reports of Ternopil in western Ukraine being attacked.

After performing on stage, Tvorchi wrote again on Instagram saying: "Ternopil is the name of our hometown, which was bombed by Russia while we sang on the Eurovision stage about our steel hearts, indomitability and will.

"This is a message for all cities of Ukraine that are shelled every day. Kharkiv, Dnipro, Khmelnytskyi, Kyiv, Zaporizhzhia, Uman, Sumy, Poltava, Vinnytsia, Odesa, Mykolaiv, Chernihiv, Kherson and all others.


"Europe, unite against evil for the sake of peace!"






Games of Globalisation

The Sixth Sense - Game Scene




Creed - Signs


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48 minutes ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

Oh good, it's all over for another year. The freakshow gets more warped by the year.


That Teya's quite attractive when she's not pulling faces, trying to be edgy but looking more like a French & Saunders spoof.


I ain’t watched it tbh 

May have to if I’m going to look into the symbolism any further 🥱

They’re very obviously fucking with our minds through this event. A platform towards “Globalist Peace” and spreading such ideology.

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8 hours ago, DannyUK said:

I ain’t watched it tbh 

May have to if I’m going to look into the symbolism any further 🥱

They’re very obviously fucking with our minds through this event. A platform towards “Globalist Peace” and spreading such ideology.

Yeah, very much so.


I make sure to avoid it as much as possible, tho the endless ads for it on the BBC make it tricky.


They wanted our favourite penis piano-playing friend Zelensky to be there, and kicked up a stink when the Eurovision bods said they don't allow the bash to be politicised.

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On 4/18/2023 at 3:15 PM, northern star said:

The earth is definitely being infiltrated by demons being released from somewhere evil



But the thing is, entities in on itself can't do very much so they have to possess a body in order to create effect in the physical world.

If any of them come near you, burn them....ok not the physical person though.

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Posted (edited)
On 5/14/2023 at 5:11 PM, DaleP said:



But the thing is, entities in on itself can't do very much so they have to possess a body in order to create effect in the physical world.

If any of them come near you, burn them....ok not the physical person though.


Until, the war on the heart via transhumanism is a success...


FYI I can see where you're coming from though...

Instead, just cut their throat from ear to ear left to right, rip out their entrails and throw them over their left shoulder.


But whatever you do, don't leave any metal on them, otherwise you'll put a rope around your own neck and have to do a lot charity work to avoid going to hell and that would be just tragic.




"Metal Man" - Off with her head

Antarctica - Tales of Atlantis/Babylon - The Abyss

Blood of the Ages, down through the centuries...





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Posted (edited)


This is a collection of info I have accumulated and been meaning to try and post before now...
You have to speculate to accumulate…
“Turning Lead into Gold…”
Depiction of an Ouroboros from the alchemical treatise Aurora consurgens (15th century), Zentralbibliothek Zürich, Switzerland
Bit of a far cry from ABBA in 1974 eh, how things change…”
Looks like a Djinn wannabe - but it’s just because she’s a “bisexual Muslim” raging against the machine ✊🏻 “You become a djinn, to rebel against the constraints of your own culture” and we have, cultural subversion. 
In reality, we have a mechanism for revelation of the method to be displayed.
The latter is a stage to give platform to the agenda of transgender agenda to Transhumanism.
Transhumanism as stated previously is the liberation of the Djinn and to do this, is a war upon the heart and the fall of man not liberation, as it is being crafted and sold as "super human" or to make man godlike.
It is to allow the mind to become hypnotised and bamboozled by technology - Transhumanism, which we enter into willingly because of lust, convenience and fear of the consequences of not accepting what is being imposed upon us.
The satanic agenda behind rebuilding King Solomon’s temple represents Transhumanism and this war upon the heart, to rule the minds of all men and represents total control over the physical world.
Don’t take my word for it though.
Do your own research.
“The Centre of the Earth could be anywhere you like… “
“The Song of Songs”
Battle of Waterloo - I feel like I win when I lose"?🤔
Sweden 1974: ABBA – Waterloo
“Sharpe Shooters” - Sharpes Rifles 1080p - Last few minutes of episode 1 - 1:35:28
The House of Rothschild Money's Prophets
Austria 2014: Conchita Wurst – Rise Like a Phoenix 🦅 
Osiris Slain - Phoenix 🦅 - “When the two become one”…?
Mickey Mouse was in his Counting House
The Aristocrats: The Rothschilds 2020 (Documentary)
The Freemasons and the Mafia | The Business of Crime
The Bullion Boys 1993 Liverpool David Jason Brenda Blethyn Gorden Kaye Jack Deam Geoffrey Hutchings
Perdition or a Paradise?
Bulletproof Monk 2003 HD 1080p
Be Still My Beating Heart…” - The Soul Train 
Fool's Gold 1993 Sean Bean - Trust No One - The Brink's-Mat Bullion Robbery
No Surrender 1985
Sunshine Superman - Donovan
🧬 DNA AI 🤖 - Diana 
The Royals & The Murder Of Diana - David Icke Speaking In The Late Nineties
Find in previous post - Diana 
🧬 DNA AI 🤖 - Diana 
Moonchild - Crowley 
“The Song of Songs”
What does Apophis mean? 
In Egyptian mythology, Apophis was a serpent and the enemy of Ra, the sun god. Every night Apophis sought to bring eternal darkness on the world before being defeated by Ra at sunrise.
Whore of Babylon 
Donovan - Atlantis
Seriously now…
You can’t zoom in on anything on Antarctica with Google Earth. 
You can’t measure the circumference. 
The interior ice plateau’s called Rockefeller. 
The Island’s called Rothschild. 
The research stations called ‘Great Wall’, ‘the Dome’…
You will get your ass arrested (or worse) if you try go there (except on controlled and very expensive tourist-guides to some very carefully selected area) since it’s the only terra-torium on Earth guarded by a very rare unity of 52 countries (and they are NOT guarding endangered penguins). 
Antarctica-as they want us to believe- is only in your imagination. 
It’s a BRAIN-ghost. 
There’s so much more to this. Go ahead-research it. 
I promise you- it will change to a no-BRAINER. 
And you will end up with one conclusion: 
That they are hiding the truth from us.’ Jess V.
Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze HQ
Living Dead Girl (Subliminal Seduction Mix)
Germany’s flag for Eurovision seems to have changed 🤔.
Their song had Satanical elements to it.
They came last. What a shame.
"Queen of our Hearts"
Artificial intelligence reveals how Princess Diana would look like at 61 
The Beyond 2017
Someone is playing a game with me” - Corso - The Ninth Gate
ABBA Arena - Path of Transhumanism 
Inside The INSANE ABBA Arena!
Blade Runner 2049  
Elvis Presley in Blade Runner 2049
Bulletproof Monk
“Water which is too pure has no fish 🐟
“When the two become one” - Grey
The Gray Man (2022) – Closing Title Sequence
“When the two become one”
Jimi Hendrix If Six Was Nine lyrics
Atlantis/Fall of Babylon - Whore of Babylon - Living Dead Girl 
Bladerunner 2049 - Joi - You Look Lonely
Serial Thrilla - The Prodigy 
The Time is Now (2013) - Chris Carter's "Millennium" Movie Trailer #2/2
Someone’s playing a game with us…
Dope - Debonaire
The Omega Code 1999 - “Hurdy Gurdy Man”
Donovan - Hurdy Gurdy Man
What does it all come down too?
We Want Your Soul
Transhumanism - Paradise Lost
"I thought you believed in progress?"
Frankenstein Monster - Transhumanism - Abominations
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