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Electric vehicle rollout who's responsible ?

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Some time ago I made a complaint about the discrimination of access to charging points for disabled people along with many other issues to the transport department I did get a reply although a generic one ... advising they are trying to make changes ...short and sweet ... I made another complaint to see what the response would be see attached complaint and response... so my question is who's responsible ? 



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Who's responsible for the rollout who do I direct multiple concerns with regards to the rollout going ahead ... and I find the response to be inaccurate ... I assume its the government that's responsible and should address issues ... how is the ev rollout a manufacturing issue ? This was my second complaint to them and their response this time was in my opinion a fob off...  the first complaint they answered although it was a generic response ... so it seems they happy to answer questions that aren't too taxing and challenging is my point... 

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I am swapping it just wanted to see what was happening with them as I have only had one for a few months I see lots of issues ... and much more anyone with half a brain cell can see its primarily going to stop you travelling around ... and don't worry I'm swapping it ... I also have a petrol vehicle ... I always like to test the latest thing out ... but EVs are definitely not the way forward ... I have spread the word on many issues to as many as I could... my best advice to anyone do not buy one.

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