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Finland join NATO Russia WW3 ?


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2 hours ago, Greenhulk50 said:

Finland will join NATO tomorrow, Russia have warned of military consequences if Finland join NATO . What happens next ?




Absolutely nothing.


Scandinavia has cooperated with NATO for decades.


They have been part of NATO since the Cold War.


Puppet theatre for the idiot newswatcher.

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It is part of the larger plan. There was no voting about the joining. They only did one opinion poll for about 1000 people! It has been 50/50 about joining to NATO for the last 30 years thats why the government feared to put official voting about it (well, they can always manipulate the voting, like they did with the latest voting too). Of course you all know how the things work today. Sweden did not to join, they are always more wise or at least it seems so. As a finnish citizen I am quite sure, they want to bring meatgrinder over here. How it will connect to other plans, we will see. Anyway I am not going to that war I will rather die by shot in the head. The Russians doesnt like to share the long border, over 1000 kilometers with NATO country. It could be they (NATO) needed another frontline for attacking the Russia, WW 3 ? But I believe this is all big theatre anyway. Finland was quite neutral after the WW 2 until to recent years. People here are very much brainwashed, many of them still dislike the Russians because of the low self esteem and WW2 happenings (winter war) and many of them believe the Russians only have the old riffles and shovels at the warfield because MSM told them so. Sad. Peace.


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Finland has been building up towards joining NATO for quite while, actually. Ever since the current and back then president Niinistö, signed the NATO joint operations treaty back in 2014. Without the knowledge and approval of the people, of course. Quite a common thing here, actually. We had one poll done by a single global market research company about joining, and that was basically it. And it came with the usual drum rolling and media blitz as to how joining would make Finland so, so much safer, when arguably, it would have been better to remain as a neutral zone.

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