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Vox Populi - Legislator Be Advised 2023


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Vox Populi - Legislator Be Advised 2023.






February 27, 2023




The Stench of the WEF moves the Herd!

Legislator! Are you seeing it?! Or are your handlers keeping you ignorant?!

Humanity has turned! The battle against the mother WEFfers is shifting into the active phase! There are riots in countries all around the world! France is in flames! It is mere weeks before Macron is gone, and the contagion spreads to Canada!

These mother WEFfers, like Trudeau, can’t walk down the street now for fear of being pelted with eggs! The People are aware! Soon it will be ROCKS! The People hate the mother WEF & ALL it’s members! The people recognize the #5GUW waged upon them by the WEF, and now Engagement is coming!

The 5th generation unrestricted war is moving into the awareness of the American People. It is the conditions propelled by the Death of the Federal Reserve Note (FRN aka “the dollar”) that is driving all the human reactions. The reactions of social degradation ARE HERE NOW, and will be very much worse by Summer!

All because the mother WEFfers wanted their ‘Great Reset’ and ‘Green New Deal’, which have FAILED! Yes, the 5GUW is breaking out into the open, and the mother WEF is doomed!

As the People see, do you really think they will FOLLOW WEF PLANS?

15 minute cities? The People see these are the new ‘concentration camps’.

Vaccinations? Of any kind? For any supposed illness? The People see the #deathshots disguised by propaganda!

Before Summer, Ukraine will FALL! Yes, the WEF war against Russian people is LOST!

In Summer, the 5GUWar will be out in the open here in the USA. There will be battles between CCP infiltrators, organized, and armed, in many of These United States.

By end of Summer, YOU WILL NOT RECOGNIZE Washington State! You will NOT believe me now, so hold this thought of your vision of Washington NOW, and compare it with how YOU are living by September 21, 2023!

In Summer, there will be food riots in the USA that will lead to Federal compounds being raided, overwhelmed, and stripped bare by mobs. This will result in the liberation of vast amounts of Federal documents hidden from the People.

In Summer, the War will progress to a hardening of our borders, both North and South. This will result in battles along the borders with invading forces.

In Summer, the attacks, both by mobs, and by individuals, will be so intense, that no politicians will be able to move about without armed security. Many politicians will be tainted with the stench of the WEF and will NOT be safe once their location is known! The hatred of the WEF over deaths and disability from the covid injections is great now, but just wait until we are into Summer! The vitriol will be global, fierce, and unstoppable. Are YOU associated with the mother WEFfers in your constituents’ minds? OhOh!….

In Summer….well, no point in providing more of it now, you’ll see then….


And this is JUST THE START!

Soon the FLOOD of information will UPEND YOUR WORLD!



Got food? Many do not! Humans can stampede too! And they are deadly!


Do you still fly? If so, do you, like the WEF, insist on UNVACCINATED pilots?


It’s a SECRET WAR, but you KNOW it’s REAL!






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32 minutes ago, rwkt said:

the WEF war against Russian people is LOST!


Russia's health minister is a WHO-loving schizo


'Moscow bravely marches forward with SDGs, ESG, and other STDs'


'Russia will take a leading role in shaping the trajectory of the Fourth Industrial Revolution'


Forum Debate: A multipolar world?




Yes, Russia is complicit in the Great Reset

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On 3/27/2023 at 9:00 PM, Mikhail Liebestein said:

Israel apparently listening to the voice of the people:



Who was running the takeover?



What do you mean? Was this organized by George Soros? Isn't it bad when people oppose the law where parliamentary majority will be above the supreme court?

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