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UK Based Starlink Competitor OneWeb Completes Its 616 Satellite Constellation


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19 hours ago, Mikhail Liebestein said:

Are they not 50 satellites short?



Some say 666 is a mistranslation, that 616 is the true mark of man, and number of the beast. Could be relevant.


The Babylonians' numerical system counted in multiples of 60 rather than 10. Apparently there wasn't a recognised standard ie use of "0" to mark carrying over a digit, but a slash (/) was often used which has led to mistranslations at times.


The Dodecahedron may have been used for counting and arithmetic, it has 12 faces and 60 face diagonals. Both numbers are very significant. Multiplied together they make 720° i.e. they complete 2 circles. 




Representation of both Good and Evil being complete? The 3D shaped is described as V., and flattened out it creates the following shapes:





We frequently see these shapes in Illuminati/Secret Society/Military circles. Even the roses of Yorkshire and Lancashire.


Maybe representing in themselves, both the upward and downward pointing pentagrams, Mankind and Mendes?


Pics from




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