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The Black Death was an event as if from a disaster movie

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The Black Death epidemic reached the shores of Sicily in 1347, along with merchants, who were already either sick or dead. These sick people went ashore, along with rats and fleas. It was these fleas that were supposed to have been the main cause of the calamity, because they carried the plague bacteria, which, however, would not have killed so many people if it were not for its additional ability to spread also by cough. The plague was extremely contagious and horribly deadly. Everyone were dying: poor and rich, young and old, townspeople and peasants. Recent studies report that 45–50% of the European population died out within four years of the plague. Worldwide, 75–200 million people died out of the population of 475 million. If an epidemic with similar mortality occurred today, the death toll would be counted in billions.
Italian chronicler Agnolo di Tura described his experience in Siena:

It is impossible for the human tongue to recount the awful thing. … Father abandoned child, wife husband, one brother another; for this illness seemed to strike through the breath and sight. And none could be found to bury the dead for money or friendship. … And in many places in Siena great pits were dug and piled deep with the multitude of dead. And they died by the hundreds both day and night, and all were thrown in those ditches and covered over with earth. And as soon as those ditches were filled more were dug. And I, Agnolo di Tura … buried my five children with my own hands. ... There was no one who wept for any death, for all awaited death. And so many died that all believed it was the end of the world.

- Agnolo di Tura, Plague readings


Gabriele de’Mussis lived in Piacenza during the epidemic. This is how he describes the plague:
Scarcely one in seven of the Genoese survived. In Venice, where an inquiry was held into the mortality, it was found that more than 70% of the people had died. The rest of Italy, Sicily and Apulia and neighbouring regions maintain that they have been virtually emptied of inhabitants. The people of Florence, Pisa and Lucca, finding themselves bereft of their fellow residents.
- Gabriele de’Mussis, The Black Death by Horrox
Henry Knighton depicted the plague as a terribly contagious disease that affected both humans and animals:

In the same year there was a great murrain of sheep throughout the realm, so much so that in one place more than 5000 sheep died in a single pasture, and their bodies were so corrupt that no animal or bird would touch them.

- Henry Knighton, The Black Death by Horrox


Earthquakes and pestiferous air
In addition to the plague, powerful cataclysms raged at the time. All four elements – air, water, fire and earth – turned against humanity at the same time. Numerous chroniclers reported earthquakes around the world, which heralded the unprecedented pestilence. On January 25, 1348, a powerful earthquake occurred in Friuli in northern Italy, causing damage within a radius of several hundred kilometers.
Around the feast of the Conversion of St. Paul [25 January] there was an earthquake throughout Carinthia and Carniola which was so severe that everyone feared for their lives. There were repeated shocks, and on one night the earth shook 20 times. Sixteen cities were destroyed and their inhabitants killed. … 36 mountain fortresses and their inhabitants were destroyed and it was calculated that more than 40,000 men were swallowed up or overwhelmed. Two very high mountains, with a highway between them, were hurled together, so that there can never be a road there again.
- Heinrich von Herford, The Black Death by Horrox


There must have been a considerable displacement of the tectonic plates, if the two mountains merged. A 14th-century German writer suspected that the cause of the epidemic was the corrupt vapors released from the bowels of the earth by the earthquakes.
Insofar as the mortality arose from natural causes its immediate cause was a corrupt and poisonous earthy exhalation, which infected the air in various parts of the world … I say it was the vapour and corrupted air which has been vented – or so to speak purged – in the earthquake that occurred on St. Paul’s day, along with the corrupted air vented in other earthquakes and eruptions, which has infected the air above the earth and killed people in various parts of the world.


In short, people were aware of a series of earthquakes at the time. One report from that period said that one earthquake lasted a whole week, while another claimed it was as long as two weeks. Such events could cause outgassing of all sorts of nasty chemicals. The German historian Justus Hecker, in his book of 1832, described other unusual phenomena confirming that toxic gases were released from the earth’s interior:
It is recorded, that during this earthquake, the wine in the casks became turbid, a statement which may be considered as furnishing a proof, that changes causing a decomposition of the atmosphere had taken place. … Independently of this, however, we know that during this earthquake people experienced an unusual stupor and headache, and that many fainted away.
Series of cataclysms
Earthquakes were very common at that time. Henry Knighton writes that powerful earthquakes and tsunamis devastated Greece, Cyprus and Italy.
In Corinth and Achaia at that time many citizens were buried when the earth swallowed them. Castles and towns cracked apart and were thrown down and engulfed. In Cyprus mountains were levelled, blocking rivers and causing many citizens to drown and towns to be destroyed. At Naples it was the same, as a friar had predicted. The whole city was destroyed by an earthquake and storms, and the earth was suddenly overwhelmed, like a stone thrown into water. Everyone died, including the friar who had foretold it. And all those things were brought about by the earthquake.
- Henry Knighton, The Black Death by Horrox


Justus Hecker gives an extensive description of calamities that accompanied the plague:
On the island of Cyprus, the plague from the East had already broken out; when an earthquake shook the foundations of the island, and was accompanied by so frightful a hurricane, that the inhabitants fled in dismay, in all directions. The sea overflowed – the ships were dashed to pieces on the rocks and few outlived the terrific event, whereby this fertile and blooming island was converted into a desert. Before the earthquake, a pestiferous wind spread so poisonous an odour that many, being overpowered by it, fell down suddenly and expired in dreadful agonies. … German accounts say expressly, that a thick, stinking mist advanced from the East, and spread itself over Italy, … for just at this time earthqukes were more general than they had been within the range of history. In thousands of places chasms were formed, from whence arose noxious vapours; and as at that time natural occurrences were transformed into miracles, it was reported, that a fiery meteor, which descended on the earth far in the East, had destroyed every thing within a radius of more than a hundred leagues [483 km], infecting the air far and wide. The consequences of innumerable floods contributed to the same effect; vast river districts had been converted into swamps; foul vapours arose every where, increased by the odour of putrified locusts, which had never perhaps darkened the sun in thicker swarms, and of countless corpses, which even in the well-regulated countries of Europe, they knew not how to remove quickly enough out of the sight of the living.


The report of the Paris Medical Faculty states that at the time of the Black Death similar portents were seen on the earth and in the sky as during the pestilences centuries ago.
So many exhalations and inflammations have been observed, such as a comet and shooting stars. Also the sky has looked yellow and the air reddish because of the burnt vapours. There has also been much lightning and flashes and frequent thunder, and winds of such violence and strength that they have carried dust storms from the south. These things, and in particular the powerful earthquakes, have done universal harm and left a trail of corruption. There have been masses of dead fish, animals and other things along the sea shore, and in many places trees covered in dust, and some people claim to have seen a multitude of frogs and reptiles generated from the corrupt matter; and all these things seem to have come from the great corruption of the air and earth. All these things have been noted before as signs of plague by numerous wise men who are still remembered with respect and who experienced them themselves.
- Paris Medical Faculty, The Black Death by Horrox


Fire falling from the sky
A Dominican, Heinrich von Herford, passes on the information he received:
This information comes from a letter of the house of Friesach to the provincial prior of Germany. It says in the same letter that in this year [1348] fire falling from heaven was consuming the land of the Turks for 16 days.
- Heinrich von Herford, The Black Death by Horrox


It is worth considering what actually was the cause of fire falling from the sky. Some try to explain it with a meteor shower. However, if it were a meteor shower, it would have to be falling all over the Earth. Our planet is in constant motion, so it is not possible for meteorites to always fall on the same place for 16 days. The fire falling from the sky could have been a magma blown up into the air during a volcanic eruption. However, there is no geological evidence that any of the Turkish volcanoes erupted in the 14th century. So what could the fire falling from the sky have been? In my opinion, the fire came from inside the earth. As a result of the displacement of the tectonic plates, a huge rift must have formed. The Earth’s crust cracked throughout its thickness, exposing magma chambers inside. Then the magma spurted upward with tremendous force, to finally fell to the ground in the form of a fiery rain.
Terrible cataclysms were happening all over the world. They also did not spare China and India. These events are described by Gabriele de’Mussis:
In the East, in Cathay [China], which is the greatest country in the world, horrible and terrifying signs appeared. In the South in the Indies, earthquakes cast down whole towns and cities were consumed by fire from heaven. The hot fumes of the fire burnt up infinite numbers of people, and in some places stones fell from the sky.
- Gabriele de’Mussis, The Black Death by Horrox


The letter sent from the papal court in Avignon provides more information about disasters in India:
A huge mortality and pestilence started in September 1347, as … terrible events and unheard of calamities had afflicted the whole of a province in eastern India for three days. On the first day it rained frogs, snakes, lizards, scorpions and many other similar venomous animals. On the second day thunder was heard, and thunderbolts and lightning flashes mixed with hailstones of incredible size fell to earth, killing almost all the people, from the greatest to the least. On the third day fire, accompanied by stinking smoke, descended from heaven and consumed all the remaining men and animals, and burnt all the cities and settlements in the region. The entire province was infected by these calamities, and it is surmised that the whole coast and all the neighbouring countries caught the infection from it, by means of the stinking breath of the wind which blew southwards from the region affected by plague; and always, day by day, more people died.


The letter shows that the plague in India began began with a great cataclysm. Rather, it was not a volcanic eruption, as there are no volcanoes in India. It was a heavy earthquake that released foul-smelling smoke. And something about this toxic smoke caused a plague to break out all over the region.
This account is taken from the chronicle of the Neuberg Monastery in southern Austria.
Not far from that country dreadful fire descended from heaven and consumed everything in its path; in that fire even stones blazed like dry wood. The smoke which arose was so contagious that merchants watching from a long way off were immediately infected and several died on the spot. Those who escaped carried the pestilence with them, and infected all the places to which they brought their merchandise – including Greece, Italy and Rome – and the neighbouring regions through which they travelled.
- Monastery of Neuberg chronicle, The Black Death by Horrox


This chronicler writes that the merchants who watched the cataclysm from a distance were struck by poisonous gases. Some of them suffocated; others were infected with a contagious disease. So we see that another chronicler states outright that the bacteria came out of the ground along with the toxic gases that were released by the earthquake. So, contrary to the official version taught in schools, seafarers did not contract the bacterium in the Crimea. They became infected on the open sea, having no contact with sick people. From the chroniclers’ accounts, it is clear that the plague came out of the ground. But is this even possible? It turns out that it is, because scientists have recently discovered that the deep layers of the earth are full of various microorganisms. As stated in a major study of „deep life”, described in the article on independent.co.uk,(ref.) there are millions of distinct species of bacteria as well as archaea and eukarya living beneath the Earth’s surface, possibly surpassing the diversity of surface life. It is now believed that about 70% of the planet’s bacteria and archaea species live deep underground!


The Black Death coincided with powerful earthquakes accompanied by significant shifts in tectonic plates. In some place two mountains merged, and elsewhere deep fissures formed, exposing the Earth’s interior. Lava and toxic gases gushed out of the fissures, and with them flew out the bacteria living there. Most species of bacteria probably could not live on the surface and quickly died out. But the plague bacteria can survive in both anaerobic and aerobic environments. Clouds of bacteria from inside the earth have appeared in at least several places around the world. The bacteria first infected people in the area, and then spread from person to person. Bacteria living deep underground are organisms as if from another planet. Humans do not come into contact with these bacteria on a daily basis and have not developed immunity to them. And that is why these bacteria managed to wreak so much havoc.
During the plague, many unusual phenomena were reported: masses of smoke, toads and serpents, unheard-of tempests, floods, droughts, locusts, shooting stars, and enormous hailstones. All these things were spoken about plainly by those who witnessed the Black Death, but for some reason modern historians argue that these reports about rains of fire and deadly air were all just metaphors for a horrible disease. In the end, it is science that must win, as completely independent scientists studying comets, tsunamis, carbon dioxide, ice cores, and tree rings, observe in their data, that something very strange were happening around the world as the Black Death was decimating the human population.
This was part of the study on global cataclysms, in which the author described 10 biggest cataclysms from the last several thousand years. He also discovered their cosmic cause and found that they reoccur cyclically. Unfortunatelly, the evidence shows clearly that the next similar catastrophe will happen in the years 2023-2025. For more information visit Reset676.com or download the ebook: 9zipy.com. You are allowed to copy this post to other websites.
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