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Cost £69 to make a mistake. Where does the stupidity end?


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How long are we going to allow ourselves to be raped without consent in the name of moving emissions from point A to point B.


What happens when there are no more emissions to move to point B? The energy has to come from somewhere, electric isn't a saving grace, it's a cop out to steal more money from the hard working people doing the jobs that actually make the world turn around.


How many more vehicles are we going to destroy per person in a 10 year period in the name of moving and reducing emissions and energy use? What's the environmental impact of the vehicles that get melted down and thrown away.


What's the environmental impact when people travel twice as far to avoid ULEZ? What's the environmental impact when a modern diesel/petrol uses more fuel compared to an euro 5 or 4. What's the environmental impact of changing catalytic converters, DPF filters and egr valves, ad blue systems where previously vehicles didn't need them?


It's clear they are slowly admitting they need to go heavy on nuclear to make more electric now, so why the need to fine the hell out of everyone, if it hasn't forced them off the roads already. Why no help for buying euro 5 and electric? Because they can and they don't care. 


Is all this really going to achieve anything when alot of people don't care about taking 20 flights a week? All the carbon Miles in the world and £69 fine is what they can come up with?





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1 hour ago, Sanityisgone said:

It's clear they are slowly admitting they need to go heavy on nuclear to make more electric now


yeah to go electric would require huge areas of the globe to be torn up to mine the minerals required.


what seems more likely at this point is that they simply intend for less people to be in cars as to replace all existing cars with electric is not feasible. So the question os how are they going to get everyone out of their cars?


The answer seems to be through 15 minute cities where you will be able to travel without a car


But what about your job? some might ask. Most people will LOSE their job due to artificial intelligence and automation. Most people will be jobless, vassels of the state reliant on digital universal basic income handouts.


Cheap electric energy might be on the horizon however through the deployment of SMR's:

Small modular reactors (SMRs) are a proposed class of nuclear fission reactors, smaller than conventional nuclear reactors, which can be built in one location (such as a factory), then shipped, commissioned, and operated at a separate site. The term SMR refers to the size, capacity and modular construction only, not to the reactor type and the nuclear process which is applied. Designs range from scaled down versions of existing designs to generation IV designs. Both thermal-neutron reactors and fast-neutron reactors have been proposed, along with molten salt and gas cooled reactor models



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Utterly scandalous, however the fact that they will reduce the fine to a sexy £69 if paid within 14 days surely will help the impovershished bureaucrats put bread on their tables. Perhaps a 7 day payable fine of £33 may be a way forward

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