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YouTube accusing me of 'harrassment and cyberbullying'.


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I've just had a message from YouTube warning me that my channel may be terminated if I continue leaving comments which pertain to 'harrassment and cyberbullying'. WTF is this all about? I haven't been harrassing anyone. Unsurprisingly, They won't provide any evidence of this.  Is this what they are doing to silence us now? Anyone else had this message?  

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1 minute ago, DaleP said:

It's clown world. Even the MP's video was deleted so anything goes.

Don't take it personally, not worth it.

Move along elsewhere.


 It seems to me that It's YouTube up to their dirty old tricks to censor me, and anyone else that speaks the truth. I sent them a message back telling YouTube what I thought of them.

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On 3/23/2023 at 8:11 PM, Name444 said:

They can pick on comments you made years ago, the only way to survive on any given social media platform is to be as sterile, bland and boring as you can possibly be. 


Write that you loooove Sam Smith, Madonna and Miley Cyrus.



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Classic google. They accused me of fraud because I brought a gift voucher with cash. I just fancied playing a retro game on my week off from work and instead went round in circles pointing out the hypocrisy about who the fraudsters really are for the whole week.


They won't even validate despite me providing a receipt.


Still passes me off considering how skint I am and many others.



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