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Symbolic connection between Saturn and Christ

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There are some curious correlations and divergences between Christ and Saturn that I thought was worth writing a topic about. One such correlation is the fact that in ancient times the Romans celebrated Saturn with a festival called Saturnalia in late December which is what we still do today but the celebration of Christ has now taken the place of Saturn. In Christian symbolism, the fish is among the earliest art forms, generally thought to be the symbol for Christ and Saturn is associated with the fish as well. The name “lat” or the hidden one, was a name given to Saturn, coming from the fish Latus which was worshipped in ancient times. Another correlation is that the planetary symbol for Saturn when mirrored and overlaid ends up being a match for Christ’s Sacred Heart paintings. Another, perhaps less important correlation is that according to Leo Allatius, a 17th-century theologian, the foreskin of Christ divinely ascended to Saturn, suggesting a connection to the planet. The Ophite Gnostics assigned planets to the Archons, and they assigned Saturn to the Demiurge. Origen of Alexandria, one of the greatest Christian theologians, corresponds the Demiurge Ialdabaoth with “Phainon” which is the old name for the planet Saturn. The author of The Gospel of Judas from the 2nd-century tells us that the Christian clergy who believe they serve Jesus Christ actually serve the Demiurge instead.


Christ Sacred Heart painting:



The planetary symbol for Saturn (source):



Two planetary Saturn symbols, one mirrored and overlaid:

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Christianity imo is not what Christ preached. Christ was very critial of the religous leaders of his day. All bibles have been edited over the centuries, and books of the bible removed by government and religous leaders. I love Christ and the message he preached, whether he truly is the son of man and the saviour of humanity takes a great deal of faith. I also think the whole Christmas/Saturnalia is the decieving Satan decieving the world.

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