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One of our ancestors guns exploded in his face, gutting him..


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Description of the pix:  

The Nephilim created us to be their prodigy by dipping tiny twigs into their semen, then into the vaginas of a few of their bonobo's...

They created us tiny here so we wouldn't go extinct by starvation like they did...

Study the pix to note that the explosion removed his hands, a shoulder, his ribs, parts of his spine, his face, gutted him.. the two holes in the top of his skull being where the gun's hammer came to rest after crashing through his face, skull and brain...




The remaining big questions are: 

Who has that gun today?.. 

Were the bullet slugs made of solid gold?..  

Are there any gold splatters or purple gossins on the mountainsides near Petra?..

Who invented the gun and bullet..?



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flyguy.png.03961f34a64f81fda74627d41351cfb9.pngThis giant probably got caught in a wind sheer, and crashed into a mountain, or more likely he was swooping down on a prey animal, and miscalculated...  Note that his spine is completely dislocated separated in two places..  He must have hit the rocks hard.. 

If he had have inserted his sperm into the nephilims female bonobo's we would probably have wings today..  So much for 'fallen angels'..  Seems there were 'crashing angels' though...

I bet that guy weren't no angel...


Our great giant ancestors had a strange hobby of inserting their sperm into various animals, and mixing animals..  Their take on Genetics...

















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