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David’s Books!!!


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With all the books that David has written…I’m curious and, I’ll admit, a bit puzzled!  I want to know if it’s better to start reading one his first book’s and then go on from there?  Or is each and every book completely stand alone and it doesn’t matter which book one starts with?  


Does anyone have a suggestion on which one of David’s books to read first???  And, if so….can you tell me why?

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This is tricky to answer, as his views have changed over the years, in the light of new information. His earliest books are devoid of conspiracy research, and give a more detailed insight into his spiritual awakening. 


His autobiography, "In the Light of Experience" (1993), is worth reading and is surprisingly self-critical, though it might be difficult to get hold of a copy.


Each book tends to have an individual focus, e.g., "The Biggest Secret" explores the occult background to the death/murder of Diana, Princess of Wales. 


If money is an issue, it is probably best to stick to the recent books, such as "The Answer". 



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It has been over than 30 years writing books. Reading them in chronologically order would be for author analysis purposes and would take you a lot of time to get the latest author views. Nevertheless, getting the latest author views wouldn't be so crucial. I strongly recommend you make a list of the books, better with the covers and maybe a brief "storyline", and let your heart make the decision.

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David's autobiography is out of print, so prices range from £30 - £100. I even saw this outrageous price from an American seller:

Seller rating:
This seller has earned a 5 of 5 Stars rating from Biblio customers.
Fort Collins, Colorado, United States
Item Price
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David's latest book, "The Trap," is actually in audiobook format.  I listen to this everyday while i drive my semi truck.  Basically this book goes over pretty much almost every topic he went over in his previous books.  You'll like it if you are into his theories.

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