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Roman Emperor Domitian Tried To Kill John Of Patmos Repeatedly, And Try To Prevent The Last Revelation From Happening

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I think its a load of old nonsense, if you believe this stuff - you need your head examined.


The legend - 


In the 'Lives of the Apostles, written by the eunuch Dorotheus, bishop of Tyrus, who died A.D. 366, we have the following brief account of the apostles respectively:


John, the brother of James who was also an evangelist, whom the Lord loved, preached the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in Asia. The emperor Trajan expelled him into the Isle of Patmos for the word of God, where he wrote his gospel, the which afterwards he published at Ephesus, by Gaius, his host and deacon. After the death of Trajan, he returned out of the Isle of Patmos, and remained at Ephesus, until he had lived a hundred and twenty years, at the end of which, he being yet in full health and strength (for the Lord would have it so), digged his own grave, and buried himself alive. There are some which write that he was not banished into the Isle of Patmos under Trajan, but in the time of Domitian, the son of Vespasian.


The translator of this JOHN, St. Jerome, quotes the authority of Tertullian to prove, that in the time of Nero, he was thrown at Rome into a tun of hot boiling oil, and thereby took no harm, but came forth after his trial purer than when he went in. St. Augustin relates, that "after St. John had made his grave at Ephesus, in the presence of divers persons, he went into it alive, and being no sooner in, and as appeared to the bystanders dead, they threw the earth in upon him, and covered him; but that kind of rest was rather to be termed a state of sleep than death; for that the earth of the grave bubbleth and boileth up to this day in a manner of a well, by reason of John therin and breathing - a sign that he only slumbereth there, but is not really dead! And till Christ shall come again, thus he remains, plainly showing that he is alive by the heaving up of the earth, which is caused by his breathing; for the dust is believed to ascend from the bottom of the tomb to the top, impelled by the state of him resting beneath it. Those who know the place," adds this conscientously veracious Father, "must have seen the earth thus heave up and down; and that it is certainly truth, we are assured, as having heard it from no light minded witnesses"



Honestly, if you can swallow that as historical fact, there's not much hope is there.

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On 3/13/2023 at 8:40 PM, Truthblast said:

I'd love to know what others think about psychopath Emperor Domitian trying to boil the Apostle John to death, trying to poison him, then exiling him to Patmos when he just wouldn't die:


I reckon Domitian was pure evil & possessed by Satan himself & that God's protection resided over John in order for him to write the book of revelation. We must be thankful to God, otherwise we would have never known what is about to happen in these end days.


And there was a war in heaven Revelation 12:7

Chapter 12 in Revelation is a retelling of the Virgin Mary narrative & the fall of the Angels.



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