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Aussie Army Recruitment Ad Portrays Unarmed "Rioting Citizens" As The Adversary?


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2 hours ago, Truthblast said:

And isn't this the job of the Police?

Yes. We know what happens when troops are deployed in so-called police actions on home soil. This looks sinister, especially as the Aussie population has been disarmed. This is why Americans will never give up their guns and why the Communists are trying so hard to take them.

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45 minutes ago, screamingeagle said:


in most countrys the police already looks like the army(gear,uniform it's just a different color)


The commonly used term is the "militarization" of the Police.


In the USA this took the form of American police officers being trained in ISRAEL by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).


All countries that slide towards Fascism have had the process begin with changing of Police TRAINING.

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