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Do not ever speak about the root of the problems, just keep making the same stale boomertier jokes. God, it's like the "I identify as an attack helicopter" shit from the milquetoast folks that will be eternally stuck in 2016. Sometimes I wonder if golems actually want to lose their nations.


And no, I don't care who I offend. Boomerism is a state of mind, not an age.


"You must spin things so people hate Germans, do not tell people who Klaus was with on 9/11 or the fact that he supports an ideology that Nazis would have hated!."


Utter cringe.


"Muh Nazis. Muh Davos"


Learn about the geopolitical landscape, ffs.


On 1/30/2023 at 6:06 PM, EnigmaticWorld said:

The Davos establishment reveals whom it truly fears

'This year’s World Economic Forum featured calls to “master the future” and blamed right-wing populists for the rising distrust in global elites'



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On 3/11/2023 at 10:32 AM, Mr Crabtree said:


The crooked house pub, Himley  near Dudley up for sale, another bit of history going now!🥴


The Mug House in Worcester, the only pub I know that's in a cemetery, I wonder if they serve spirits?🤔🤭

They invented the 'Anne Boleyn cocktail', that's several tots of spirits and half a pint of Guinness in a pint glass, they call it 'The Anne Boleyn Cocktail' because the Guinness doesn't have a head on it!🤭

On 3/11/2023 at 5:18 PM, DaleP said:


I wouldn't buy a property round there. Obviously a massive sinkhole in the making.....


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