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Honest question - would you rather live in a utopia or a society ran by psychopaths?

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Having experienced modern life and living in a consumerist society run by people like Fauci and Bill Gates,


would you want a utopia with free energy and advanced ancient technology beyond our imagination,


or are you grateful for the experience and challenge we face in society?





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Good question


Personally I think no matter what generation we are talking about each one had their own respective problems and always hoped for something better

 I think having  a utopia with free energy and advanced ancient technology beyond our imagination would come with it's own set of challenges and again people would hope for something more or different ,it's human nature.

The saying happiness is wanting what you have and not what you haven't,is rather applicable with regards to your question I feel 

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Utopia would be different for each person, assuming we still had free will, individual personalities, and wasn't thought policed.


Obviously I don't think total utopia is achievable, but the measure of a decent society for me hinges on how it protects its women and children, not just in the here and now, but for future generations too. And our society puts them in danger, so no, I'm not grateful.


It's not totally over though. There are still happy children that haven't had their innocence destroyed and corrupted, and for that I am grateful and appreciative of the parents that raised them so our lineage can carry on.

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4 hours ago, webtrekker said:


Hmm ... It certainly wasn't Utopia the last time he was around!




Cut him some slack mate ,he's had a practice  and will only improve next time around

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