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Operation Meteor

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Is this a new operation or is it Bluebeam related?




How to survive a killer asteroid impact: NASA confirms it can deflect a deadly space rock from hitting Earth - but here is what YOU should do if the agency's mission fails 

While NASA recently confirmed it can deflect a killer asteroid off a path toward Earth, it still leaves people wondering how they would survive if one hit our planet.


The last catastrophic impact occurred 66 million years ago, killed the dinosaurs, and some scientists believe we are due for another 'big one.'




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4 minutes ago, Mikhail Liebestein said:

it still leaves people wondering how they would survive if one hit our planet.


Imagine TikTok and Facebook are affected


Civilization would instantly collapse!





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Posted (edited)

Daily Mail saying a Typhoon scrambled to intercept a Dash 8 that lost its radio flying into London.










Last time I recall a plane losing radio contact flying into a city full of skyscrapers was around 2001, probably around September.


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