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The criminal element hates a one world governance; that makes me for it. What do you think?

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17 hours ago, Gnostic Christian said:

All people of all color are not Colonialist nations, who are still retaining the wealth of their conquered foe.


Your black/white thinking is poor. 


Go lie elsewhere.







I'm done with this thread, please do more research before posting, you're not very coherent or cogent for the subject matter, but instead rely on past events to shove in peoples faces for a free handout by guilt tripping a particular colour or race, and in this particular instance you have chosen 'whitey' to be your victim, there can only be one response to this type of accusation and that is to mind your own business, go fuk yourself sideways, and fuk off, and no free hand out for you, you're a charlatan.

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