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Rewriting Dahl.


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The second I first heard this story, it seemed very obvious that this was the only 'solution'. How it took 3 days to 'get there', I have no idea. Of course, there will still be a few who only want one edition, whether original or woke, to exist. I don't really mind there beng two editions myself. Finally, I think that the use of the term 'fat' is only deemed as more offensive today, by some, due to there being loads more fat folks about.    





'Roald Dahl: Original books to be kept in print following criticism.'

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The crazy thing about this is how this process of editing culture and history was exactly the process outlined in orwell's novel '1984'. In that the main character's job is to cut down the language being used in the media so that language shrinks and becomes increasingly restrictive so that people are not even able to describe the situation that they are imprisoned.


Orwell worked in the BBC during world war 2 and gained insight into the fabian socialist mode of thinking. It just goes to show how long this has all been going on for and that the british establishment and media and intelligence services were filled with globalist and marxist subversives even during world war 2. Some of those intelligence operatives then went on to become involved in scandals in the cold war where it was found they were working for the soviets eg kim philby and the cambridge 5


many of the 'maquis' french resistance groups that SOE funded and armed in world war 2 were avowedly communist

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