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Taming the tech giants

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Channel 4 in Britain are currently broadcasting a series on the big four tech billionaires: Gates, Bezos, Musk and Zuckerberg ("The Billionaires Who Made Our World"). But it's highly critical of them, suggesting to me that Channel 4, and the series producers, want the billionaires to be reined in - all part of the Ruling Elite's merger of capitalism with socialism. One TV reviewer of "The Billionaires Who Made Our World" wrote: 

"Documentary profiles of the titans of Silicon Valley, beginning with Bill Gates who, after revolutionizing the world of tech, went on a mission to save the world. The program reveals new details about the Microsoft mogul's charity empire, questions his business practices, and asks if the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is too powerful and unaccountable in the world of global health."

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Another negative BBC documentary; this one about "Instagram", called "The Instagram Effect", broadcast on BBC3 on March 7th 2023. The BBC advertised it as follows :


"In just ten years, Instagram has gained over a billion users worldwide, shaping culture, trends and the way we live our lives. But its impact on society is increasingly being questioned as governments step up efforts to regulate social media networks.

This is the first documentary to examine the app’s effects on users since whistleblower Frances Haugen disclosed internal company research proving Facebook, now known as Meta, was aware of Instagram’s role in exacerbating issues around body image and self-harm for younger users. Meta says the research shows the majority of its users have a positive experience on the platform.

Haugen and a number of former Instagram and Facebook insiders, many speaking on camera for the first time, speak candidly about life inside the company. They reveal details of pivotal moments, such as Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram in 2012, and explain how these decisions shaped Instagram and its values.

The power of the platform is also explored through revealing testimonies from three British users: Lauren, Chenade and Abby. With unflinching honesty, they describe how their lives have been impacted by the app. Lauren was on Instagram for 13 hours per day and found herself increasingly struggling with an eating disorder. Chenade decided to get a Brazilian butt lift, one of the most dangerous cosmetic surgeries in the world, and promote it to her Instagram followers, only to regret her decision soon after. Meanwhile, home-schooled Abby turned to Instagram for solace and found herself sucked into anti-recovery communities who promote self-harm."

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