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Is MASS immigration problematic?

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More than 1,000 foreign criminals including killers and rapists are on the run from British police

By Rebecca Camber Crime And Security Editor

Published: 22:02 BST, 18 June 2023 | Updated: 22:19 BST, 18 June 2023

Hundred of foreign criminals including rapists and killers are on the run following a six-fold rise in the absconding rate.

Shocking figures show that the number either wanted by police or dodging deportation has soared from 169 in 2014 to more than 1,000 today.

Those who have vanished into the community have been convicted of the most serious crimes including murder, rape and terrorist offences.

Despite government promises to speed up the removal of foreign criminals, there has been a 19 per cent increase – from 916 at large in 2019 to 1,094 last month.

They include criminals wanted for outstanding offences, those facing deportation, prison escapees and others who skipped bail as they awaited sentencing or fled after being recalled to prison. 


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2 hours ago, Macnamara said:

More than 1,000 foreign criminals including killers and rapists are on the run from British police


Love the headline. They're not on the run at all. They're living openly and laughing at the law's inability to prosecute them. The police are too busy hunting down thought criminals to bother with killers and rapists. Articles like this may raise eyebrows at the breakfast table in middle England, but nothing practical will be done. Same in the USA. A veritable army has crossed the border but people are so downtrodden by years of media lies that nothing is done. The communists told us what they were going to do and they did it unhindered.

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Horrifying moment homeless robber follows a grandmother, 73, and her seven-year-old granddaughter into their home, throws them into the street and attacks them in 'attempted kidnapping' that has shocked France

  • Violent attack took place at Place de l'Europe in central Bordeaux yesterday

By James Callery and Afp

Published: 09:53 BST, 20 June 2023 | Updated: 14:03 BST, 20 June 2023

This is the horrifying moment a homeless robber followed a 73-year-old grandmother and her granddaughter into their home and violently hurled them into the street in an 'attempted kidnapping' that has shocked France.

The elderly woman and the seven-year-old were dragged out of their house and sent crashing to the pavement by the attacker who had jammed his foot in the door to sneak in and grab his victims.

He then violently yanked the sobbing child to her feet, before throwing her aside as he grabbed some of the pensioner's belongings.


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‘We welcomed him as a friend’ – Afghan migrant in court for stabbing German mother and her daughter after she rejected sexual relationship

The two accepted the Afghan migrant as a “friend” before being nearly stabbed to death

June 22, 2023
editor: REMIX NEWS
author: John Cody
An Afghan migrant, who is accused of nearly killing a mother and her daughter in a stabbing attack after the 16-year-old rejected his desire to enter a relationship, is currently standing trial in a German court for his alleged crime. Prosecutors say the 27-year-old man, Fuwad O., who had claimed refugee status, was welcomed as a friend by the mother and daughter in the German city of Speyer, but when the younger 16-year-old daughter turned down his advances, he stabbed her in a rage.
The two victims told police Fuwad O. was visiting them when the 16-year-old victim rejected him, prompting the Afghan to begin stabbing her three times. The mother responded by jumping to her daughter’s aid, at which point, the mother was stabbed 13 times.
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Analysis: Nearly 17 Million Illegal Aliens in the United States Cost Americans $163 Billion Annually

John Binder

22 Jun 2023

The nation’s illegal alien population has hit nearly 17 million, an increase of more than two million since President Joe Biden began implementing his Catch and Release network at the United States–Mexico border, an analysis reveals.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) released its annual report estimating the size of the illegal alien population residing in the United States.

Based on the latest Census Bureau data, FAIR researchers found that there are at least 16.8 million illegal aliens now living in American communities — an increase of 2.3 million illegal aliens since Biden took office in January 2021 and an increase of 1.3 million illegal aliens since the same time last year.

As the illegal alien population skyrockets under Biden, so do the costs to Americans.

“Along with the sharp increase in the illegal alien population comes [sic] sharp increases in costs to American taxpayers,” researchers note:

The unprecedented rate of influx of new illegal aliens over the past year would add $12.6 billion annually to the costs of illegal immigration, bringing the cumulative net cost to at least $163 billion a year. At the current pace of illegal immigration, the annual net cost will exceed $200 billion by 2026. [Emphasis added]

“… [T]he fiscal and social burdens of the Biden administration’s sabotage of our immigration enforcement policies are unsustainable,” FAIR President Dan Stein said in a statement.


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Asylum seeker, 33, charged with raping a woman in a Skegness park late at night was staying at taxpayer-funded hotel housing migrants on the seafront after 'arriving in the UK by dinghy just 40 days ago'

  • A 33-year-old man has been charged with raping a woman in Skegness, Lincs

By Danya Bazaraa

Published: 12:23 BST, 28 June 2023 | Updated: 15:46 BST, 28 June 2023

A 33-year-old man who has been charged with raping a woman in a Skegness park late at night was staying at a taxpayer-funded hotel believed to be housing migrants.  

The man was charged with raping a woman 16 years of age or over and is due to enter a plea at Lincoln Crown Court on July 17.

He was remanded in custody following an appearance at Lincoln Magistrates Court on June 12. 


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Immigration Crisis: 74% Of French Believe There Are Too Many Migrants In France, 72% Want Referendum

by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Jun 29, 2023 - 10:00 AM

Authored by John Cody via Remix News,

A new poll conducted for top French newspaper Le Figaro shows that nearly three out of four French people believe there are too many migrants in the country, with the poll results coming after the country accepted a record number of foreigners in 2022 under President Emmanuel Macron.

The Odoxa-Backbone Consulting poll shows that at nearly every level, the French want stricter immigration controls, more deportations, and even a referendum on immigration into France.

It further shows that French people are becoming increasingly opposed to mass immigration, with 74 percent saying there are too many immigrants in France. This represents an 11-point increase from when the poll was conducted five years ago.

This holds true for supporters of National Rally (97 percent), Republicans (91 percent), Renaissance (68 percent) and even Socialists (52 percent) and Greens (51 percent). Only supporters of Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s left-wing La France Insoumise are in the minority (44 percent) when asked if there are too many migrants in France.

The poll additionally shows that 79 percent of French want asylum seekers to have their requests decided on before they are allowed to enter French territory. Seventy-four percent also believe that immigration quotas should be set each year by the French parliament, and 72 percent believe that migration policy should be decided by a referendum.

The French also want to make the country less socially attractive for migrants (68 percent), to include the principle of assimilation in the Constitution (66 percent) and even to derogate from the European treaties (62 percent).

Interestingly, not only did a majority of Les Republicans, National Rally and Reconquête voters all take a hardline view on immigration, but also supporters from Macron’s party Renaissance did as well. All of the respondents were highly critical of Macron’s handling of the issue of immigration, with the exception of voters who approve of Macron.


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On 6/29/2023 at 1:29 PM, Macnamara said:

Interestingly, not only did a majority of Les Republicans, National Rally and Reconquête voters all take a hardline view on immigration, but also supporters from Macron’s party Renaissance did as well. All of the respondents were highly critical of Macron’s handling of the issue of immigration, with the exception of voters who approve of Macron.

Betcha the numbers will change after the latest shenanigans. Cops calling them "vermin " openly. I wonder if the elites have pushed their foot soldiers a little bit too far this time. 

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France burns for a fifth night: Special forces deployed as rioters rampage through Paris and Marseille, torching cars hours after hundreds of family and friends attended funeral of boy, 17, 'executed' by police

  • France's interior ministry said 1,311 people were arrested just on Friday night
  • The funeral for Nahel Merzouk, killed on Tuesday, took place in Nanterre today 

By Miriam Kuepper and Christian Oliver and Peter Allan In Paris and Tom Cotterill

Published: 20:56 BST, 1 July 2023 | Updated: 16:00 BST, 2 July 2023

France burnt for a fifth night as rioters rampaged through major cities, torching cars and trashing buildings - prompting the drastic deployment of French special forces in an attempt to stop the mayhem from escalating. 

Up to 7,000 police were deployed into Paris overnight - joining a nationwide force of 45,000 officers - as the civil unrest continued to deepen following the killing of 17-year-old Nahel Merzouk on Tuesday. 

The latest violent clashes broke out just hours after hundreds of people attended the open-coffin funeral of Nahel, whose alleged 'execution' by police during a traffic stop sparked this week's carnage, which has seen 2,400 people arrested nationwide.


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Terrifying moment an attacker tries to smash his way into a home after chasing a woman he had assaulted on the street

  • Gulwali Stanezay, 22, can be seen using a bike D-lock to smash through the door
  • He was arrested on March 1 and has since pleaded guilty to two counts of ABH

By Milo Pope

Published: 15:39 BST, 3 July 2023 | Updated: 16:30 BST, 3 July 2023

This is the shocking moment an attacker tried to smash his way into a home after chasing a woman who he assaulted on the street.

The woman was on Facetime with a friend when she was randomly attacked by Gulwali Stanezay, 22, on February 26. 

Terrified, she managed to flee into a stranger's home who bravely provided shelter for her. 


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'Merciless' rapist who broke woman's back during vicious sex attack where he dragged her into his home and repeatedly punched and kicked her is jailed for 19 years

  • Pascal Jombla, 46, left his victim with a broken back after the horrifying attack 

By Daniel Fessahaye

Published: 10:52 BST, 4 July 2023 | Updated: 10:56 BST, 4 July 2023

A 'merciless' rapist who left a woman with a broken back during a viscous sex attack has been jailed for 19 years.

Pascal Jombla, 46 dragged the woman into his home in Hackney, east London, on June 21, 2022, where he repeatedly punched, kicked and raped her, threatening her if she did not keep quiet.

She was hospitalised after suffering a fractured back amongst other injuries and only managed to escape after Jombla fell asleep.


Illegal Algerian migrant who dragged drunk university student down an alleyway and raped her in terrifying attack is jailed for eight years and faces being deported

  • Algerian Marwen Darwish, 28, raped student in Newcastle city centre alleyway
  • He was jailed for 8 years and faces deportation once his sentence is complete

By Oliver Price

Published: 17:38 BST, 4 July 2023 | Updated: 17:38 BST, 4 July 2023

An Algerian immigrant illegally living in the UK who raped a university student in a terrifying city centre attack has been jailed for eight and faces deportation.

Marwen Darwish, 23, found the victim drunk and distressed in Newcastle, then carried her into a secluded alleyway and raped her.

After the sex attack he 'added insult to injury' by stealing the woman's mobile phone, which he later sold in Manchester.


Edited by Macnamara
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Afghan migrant deported for raping 12-year-old girl got £20K in taxpayer-funded legal aid to try and overturn conviction

  • EXCLUSIVE: Emal Kochai, 29, was deported in 2019 after serving half jail term
  • Afghan migrant was caught trying to sneak back into UK on a Channel dinghy  

By Dominik Lemanski

Published: 09:09 BST, 9 July 2023 | Updated: 09:31 BST, 9 July 2023

An Afghan migrant caught trying to sneak back into Britain received taxpayer-funded legal help to try and overturn his conviction after being jailed for raping a 12-year-old girl.

Emal Kochai, 29, was deported from Britain in 2019 after serving half of a nine-year prison sentence for raping his victim at a house in Reading, Berks in 2014.

But he made his way back to the Channel in March 2022 where he was found by a reporter in a tent at the Grande Synthe camp, near Dunkirk, claiming he had 'changed his ways'.


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  • 2 weeks later...

France: Woman Butchered With Glass Bottles by African ‘Teens’ Who Disapproved of Her Dress

by Dan Lyman

A 19-year-old woman suffered life-changing wounds when she was attacked with glass bottles by a group of ‘teens’ who claimed her dress was inappropriate, according to reports.

The horrifying incident unfolded during the overnight hours between Tuesday and Wednesday in Toulouse.


The victim and her boyfriend were walking downtown at around 3 a.m. when they were confronted by four ‘youths’ who hurled insults and expressed their displeasure about the woman’s attire.

The suspects, later identified as two boys and two girls between the ages of 14 and 17 with extensive criminal histories, began slashing and stabbing the couple with broken bottles and shards of glass, La Depeche reports.

Authorities monitoring surveillance cameras observed the commotion and dispatched police to the scene.


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'Vile predator' Amer Mohammed, 31, who tried to rape woman while she slept at King's Cross Station told police 'it was OK as she wasn't dead'

  • The assault occurred for over half an hour until the victim's friend was alerted 

By George Iddenden

Published: 13:14 EDT, 21 July 2023 | Updated: 13:35 EDT, 21 July 2023

A 'vile predator' who tried to rape a woman while she was sleeping at King's Cross station told police officers he thought it was 'okay as she wasn't dead'.

Amer Mohammed, 31, has been convicted after being found guilty of attempted rape at Inner London Crown Court yesterday.

In the early morning of July 23, at around 5am, Mohammed, of no fixed address, approached the victim, who he'd never met before, while she slept in the station. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12324843/Vile-predator-Amer-Mohammed-31-tried-rape-woman-slept-Kings-Cross-Station-told-police-OK-wasnt-dead.html

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You Are the Population They Want to Control

By Robert Malone   July 18, 2023

orldwide birthrate per 1,000 people follows a very predictable trend. In “developed” and/or wealthy nations, the birthrate is low and in nations at the lower end of the economic development scale, the birthrate is high. Nothing new there.

Many countries, including the US, have birthrates that either are too low to sustain current population levels or are stable. Since 1970, the population of people born in the US has been stable at below 300 million. In fact, some estimates show a decline in population. All of the population growth in the US during this time period has been due to immigration. That is why the USA has grown to 336 million people in 50 years. This trend has only increased in recent years.

There were a record 44.8 million immigrants living in the US in 2018, making up 13.7 percent of the nation’s population. This represents a more than fourfold increase since 1960, when 9.7 million immigrants lived in the US, accounting for 5.4 percent of the total US population.

For Jill and I growing up in a blue state, we were indoctrinated at an early age by the public school system that having two children was the responsible thing to do to save the planet from overpopulation. That careers were more important than having a large family. That women would find more fulfillment in a education and career, as opposed to staying at home. That women should defer motherhood until college and a career were firmed established. That this was the responsible path to take. Today, young women receive the same messaging from our government, our schools systems, and mainstream corporate media. 

This messaging by the US government is still as strident as when I was in my youth 50 to 60 years ago.

The truth is that UN’s Agenda 2030 asserts that migration is a human right. What this means in practicality is that persons born in countries with high birthrates have a right to migrate into wealthy countries with low birth rates. 

To begin – migration is not a “human right.” Property laws and nation states exist for a reason. To assert otherwise is to assert that there is a one-world government which is in control of migration. Another usurpation of authority by the UN and the WEF. 

This nation’s rules and regulations, our very Constitution do not apply to non-citizens. This is by design. Let’s abide by our Constitution and Bill or Rights, not UN agreements, such as Agenda 2030, which was signed by a US president and never ratified by the Senate.

Our country has done a fine job of convincing the American populace that large family size hurts families and individuals in aggregate. We were told that the reward of that, for better or worse, would be a stabilized population over time and preservation of the American way of life, environment, cultural heritage and associated economic opportunities for US citizens. And yet still they persist. This week, Kamala Harris specifically stated that a reduced population was key to children being able to breath and drink clean water. This is not the first time she has asserted this false narrative.

When we invest in clean energy and electric vehicles and reduce population, more of our children can breath clean air and drink clean water.” – Kamala Harris

Yet, the Biden border crisis grows ever more urgent and the rate of illegal immigration continues to surge. It is a no brainer to think that an option to reduce population might be as simple as reducing immigration, if that was their true intent. 

The truth is that the US has a vibrant and amazing culture. A heritage built on independence, free speech, shared values, and strong work ethic. This heritage can easily be diluted by too much immigration. Just look what is happening France right now. Open migration policies have worked to cause a vast instability within the nation. France literally can no longer integrate so many people, with such different sets of cultural norms into their core national culture. This is not progress. 

Under globalism, the heterogeneous cultures throughout the world are being weaponized as a way to destroy diversity; a path towards enabling a single, globalized government controlled by the UN and the WEF. Which is precisely what open borders, the immigration policies of the UN and even Kamala Harris’ statements seem to be working towards. It is time to end this nonsense and get back to a closed and orderly immigration system.

There are over 8 billion people in the world. The US can not take all those that wish to immigrate. To think otherwise is foolish.

America has to be an independent and free nation. We need to rely on Americans for our goods and services. A strong economy is one that meets its own needs internally. Whereby goods, services, medical care, and energy are produced domestically. A strong nation doesn’t need to import low-wage earners to do its dirty work. The bizarre directive of reducing the naturally born population while importing new immigrants serves no functional purpose except to further globalize the USA.

By accepting large numbers of immigrants while reducing our own American population, we further regress as a nation, and we will continue to accelerate economic devastation of both middle class and urban poor citizens. A new world order where migration is a right, borders are open and the UN controls the ebb and flow of populations is ceding American nationalism and will destroy the American experiment in self-governance. 

Our government needs to stay out of the business of enforcing population measures.

Which brings me to the mRNA genetic shots. People worry that the mRNA jabs have some sequence or component, such as the lipid nano-particle or genetic code, which are causing sterility. And that these were intentionally designed to cause a decrease in fertility worldwide. This is not a completely unrealistic fear.

For years, there have been rumors of abortion vaccines and anti-fertility vaccines being developed in India and Africa. With evidence being presented for and against these rumors. But we do know for sure that China used forced sterilizations and forced abortions on its own citizens. Now, China worries that their population levels are crumbling rapidly. Government controls on family choices are immoral. The idea of a vaccine to control population is repugnant.

Which brings me to a newly published Nature paper that shows that using adeno-associated viral vectored techniques, cats can be permanently sterilized. In this essay, I don’t want to get into the science behind this (let’s defer that to a later essay) but I do want to discuss the ethics of developing “gene therapy” techniques that rely on viral vectors for sterilization.

To begin with, such a fertility gene therapy technique using adeno-associated virus (AAV) “gene therapy” vectors could be accidentally or purposefully modified to be infectious. This requires a recombination event (rescue) of another related adenovirus, which could be a wild type. Once that happens, the viral vector could be replication competent: ergo infectious. Although AAV “gene therapy” vectors are not a full replicating virus; the truth is that in a research setting, using the full virus to create infectious products is relatively simple. It could be as simple as missing a purification step or a recombination event. If such a product were to escape or be released into the general cat population, it would be a disaster. If such a vector had a rescue event in an injected animal, it could literally create a new virus. What happens if it were to infect on other feline species, such as cheetahs, big cats, cougars or bobcats? There is a scenario whereby it could decimate the population of an endangered species or all the cats . Furthermore, there is a possibility that such a virus could jump species – even into humans. Adeno-associated viruses are respiratory viruses, so can spread easily. What happens then? 

Not to mention, we already know that NGOs and governments are willing to consider reducing population via vaccination or forced sterilization. Who is to say whether an organization, perhaps even one with the “best of intentions” in mind (or believing that “the ends justify the means”), would be willing to go there. After what we have experienced over the past three years, I would consider it in the realm of possibility. Kamala Harris, Bill Gates and the WEF and UN all have made their positions crystal clear. Population reduction is imperative. 

There must be more regulatory controls on biological research for both animals and humans. 

But in the meantime, we have to consider that the government doesn’t really care about population control. You can know them by their actions, not their words. Their words endorse low birthrate as a pathway to population stabilization, but their actions enable rampant population growth due to immigration. The DATA indicate that what they really are striving for is a New World Order, whereby the UN becomes the dominant force of the world, with nation states nestled under their organizational structure. One in which out-migration combined with regional population control via government-enabled birth control (via both pharmaceuticals and deployed propaganda) is designed to augment that process of enabling populations born in economically disadvantaged regions to gain control of more economically advanced nations and infrastructure while destroying the cultures and politico/economic structures which have historically enabled the economic development of these more advanced regions.

Republished from Substack


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STEPHEN GLOVER: Why won't our politicians admit that the housing crisis is being fuelled by LEGAL immigration?

By Stephen Glover for the Daily Mail

Updated: 23:42 BST, 26 July 2023

In 2022, 45,755 people were recorded as having crossed the Channel in small boats. Yet in the same year, the figure for net legal migration was 606,000. I make that just over 13 times greater.

These people, along with those so-called illegal migrants who are allowed to stay, must have places to live, hospitals and doctors' surgeries to look after them if they are ill and schools to educate their children.

What wasn't mentioned, either by Mr Robinson or Mr Gove, is that there is one factor above all driving rapid population growth, and with it the need for more housing, which the Government is failing to provide in sufficient quantities.

You've guessed it. The elephant in the room, which almost no one dares acknowledge, presumably for fear of being thought racist, is immigration. Not so much illegal immigration, notwithstanding the time it occupies and the passions it generates in our national debate. I principally mean legal immigration.

Here I turn to Migration Watch, an organisation which has an impeccable record in predicting migrant flows, as was the case in 2014 when Romanians were first allowed to come here freely. I trust it. If present trends continue, Migration Watch reckons the population will rise by at least 16 million to between 83 and 87 million by 2046.

Note that between 1973 and 1998, the population of the UK only grew from 56 to 58.5 million. Then came New Labour's scheme of encouraging mass migration. Over the next 25 years the population surged to 68 million.

If Migration Watch is correct, unless this and future governments reverse the process, population growth will continue unchecked. Under its projections, 260,000 more homes will be needed every year, which is appreciably more than are being built at the moment.

According to Migration Watch, we'll need at least 15 new cities the size of Birmingham over a 25-year period. All the brownfield sites in the country won't come close to satisfying this demand. Vast swathes of England — and particularly southern England, where many new migrants tend to live and work — will be concreted over.

Will successive governments press the brake pedal? It hardly seems likely. This administration, which has some sensitivity to people's fears about uncontrolled immigration, has nonetheless presided over a boom in legal migration. Labour would surely be even worse.


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12 hours ago, Shy Talk said:

'Asylum seekers' could (will) sue govt due to being housed in tents (marquees), even though they are now safe from war/persecution etc. Hahahaha.



Welcome to the biggest {mental } asylum in the Western world, the lunatics have taken over and operate in the guise of politicians, Medics, police,  lawmakers and a 'woke' legal system geared towards helping those 'unfortunates' who come over in small boats, wearing a smirk and  North Face jackets and top of the range trainers whilst clutching the latest iphone!


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I support helping people in genuine risk for example refugees from war but i also believe that once the risk is past those people should return home but that is not what we are dealing with here. What a shitshow....its going to end in global enslavement of the whole uprooted mass of humanity who have sprinted right into the trap laid for them by the super rich:

£4.4 Million Spent Each Month on Legal Aid for Asylum Seekers and Migrants

Over £53 million was granted to migrants between April 2022 and March this year, analysis of Ministry of Justice figures has found


Asylum and immigration cases are costing £4.4 million in legal aid a month, analysis by The Epoch Times has found.

According to the latest figures from the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), over £53 million in legal aid was granted to migrants between April 2022 and March for legal advice and representation.

Of that figure, over £36 million in government help was paid to legal representatives for asylum-only cases, with January to March 2023 recording the highest number of cases on record.

Between January and March this year, 11,430 asylum seekers received government legal aid, compared to 9,135 for the same period in the previous financial year, according to the MoJ statistics.

The average cost of legal help granted to asylum seekers per case is just over £836, figures show.

Non-asylum immigration cases granted finance for legal help amounted to a total of £4,182,448.27 for 4,154 cases in April 2022 to March this year. The average cost of each case was recorded at just over £1,000.

Civil representation of immigration cases before the courts, where costs were met by another government department, stands at over £8.3 million for the 2022 to the 2023 year.

The MoJ figures show that 315 civil cases—at an average cost of £26,402 each—were closed in the last year up until March 2023.

Some of those cases are believed to include legal action against the Home Office for unlawful detention at immigration centres.

The government’s Legal Aid Agency—which provides civil and criminal legal aid and advice in England and Wales—picked up a bill of £4.3 million for the same period.

They provided legal costs for 675 civil cases marked as closed between April 2022 and March this year. The average spend on each case was £6,492.

‘Too Little, Too Late’

Last month, the MoJ launched a consultation about increasing legal aid rates by 15 percent for immigration lawyers representing asylum seekers threatened with removal to Rwanda under new rules in the illegal Migration Bill.

Presently, the hourly legal aid rate for lawyers carrying out asylum work is approximately £52 in London and £47 outside London.

The MoJ consultation, which is set to close next month, has already been met with criticism from legal groups who say the 15 percent increase is not enough to deal with an expected workload increase caused by the new law.

In its response to the MoJ this week, the Public Law Project described the proposed fee increase as “too little, too late.”

In a statement posted on its website, the group said: “The whole legal aid sector has been struggling for years due to administrative burdens and fees that haven’t been increased since 1996.

“Providers have closed across areas where thousands of eligible migrants are already seeking legal aid. New cases involving the Illegal Migration Bill will be complex and highly time-sensitive, stretching capacity that is already at breaking point.”

The legal group said that if the government proposal “truly reflected the scale of the challenges” it would suggest higher fees across the sector.

“Increasing them for only one area also creates the risk that providers will have more incentive to take this work and ignore vulnerable people who are already in the system.

“A 15 percent uplift for one specific area is too little and too late, given the scale of the issues that the Illegal Migration Bill will cause—as well as the current desperate state of immigration legal aid for both providers and clients.”


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This is just the beginning of how bad things are going to get because the sabbateans behind all this utopian wokeness don't really want utopia for us.....they actually despise us and want hell on earth for us......when will woke useful idiots wake up to that? (when it's too late)

The organised shoplifting gangs turning Britain's supermarkets into 'battlefields': Armed thugs are leaving staff and shoppers terrified as they target stores from the Co-op to Asda and John Lewis with up to 1,000 incidents across the UK every day

  • Shocking footage showed how crime levels are soaring in UK supermarkets

By Dan Sales and Sean Poulter

Published: 07:10 EDT, 27 July 2023 | Updated: 09:55 EDT, 27 July 2023

These are some of the shocking moments where supermarkets have been targeted by crooks in an epidemic that has seen an average of 1,000 incidents a day. 

Major chains including John Lewis, Asda and the Co-op have been targeted by organised criminal gangs as crimes with shoplifting soaring by 26 per cent in the past year, according to the British Retail Consortium.

Many of the stores blame police for the surge in the disturbing crimes as families struggle amid the cost of living crisis. 



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52 Injured As Migrants Clash At Eritrean Cultural Festival In Sweden

Monday, Aug 07, 2023 - 09:15 AM

Authored by Thomas Brooke via Remix News,

Pro- and anti-government groups caused chaos in Stockholm as vehicles and festival tents were torched, and police are preparing for further disorder...

Swedish police are preparing for more civil unrest at an Eritrean cultural festival being held in Stockholm after more than 50 people were injured and dozens detained in violent scenes on Thursday.

Chaos ensued at the festival held in the Järvafältet in Stockholm as protesters stormed the festival and clashed with the event’s organizers, who they accuse of being a propaganda outlet for the Eritrean government.

Around 1,000 demonstrators stormed through police barriers and began tearing down festival tents, torching vehicles, and attacking organizers with wooden sticks.

Eight people were hospitalized with serious injuries, while one person was arrested on suspicion of arson, local media reported.


4 In 5 Germans Unhappy With Federal Govt That Prioritizes Refugees & The Rich

Monday, Aug 07, 2023 - 07:00 AM

Authored by Thomas Brooke via Remix News,

A major political backlash against the traditional mainstream parties is brewing in Germany after recent polling showed that four in five Germans are dissatisfied with the government, and a majority of respondents believe the interests of ordinary people are ignored in favor of refugees and the rich.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is flanked by Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration Reem Alabali-Radovan, left, and German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser, right, during an immigration meeting "Germany, Immigration Country, Dialogue for Participation and Respect" in Berlin, Monday, Nov. 28, 2022. (John MacDougall/Pool Photo via AP)

According to the ARD-DeutschlandTrend poll, 78 percent of respondents are unhappy with the direction in which the country is headed under the current coalition government of the socialists, liberals, and greens.

A total of 41 percent are dissatisfied with Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s administration, while 37 percent are very dissatisfied. In contrast, just 20 percent of respondents are somewhat satisfied with the government, and just 1 percent are very satisfied.



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