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Doctors prove a Graphene like substance is being shed from the C-19 Vaccinated to the Unvaccinated, destroying Blood Cells & causing Strange Blood Clots


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I call BULLSHIT  they  are lying   fear porn part of the same shit show, contagion has never been proved  and this moron haven't proven it either They don't need to make claims about graphene or snake venom in these jabs to  deter the sane intelligent people to  never take them, and the zombies  have already  taken them,  and cannot be saved

 Here is another crank show  https://drjaneruby.com/category/bio-weapon-updates/shedding/



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Well, there are a lot of reports of non-vaccinated people suffering abnormalities after meeting vaccinated ones. These experiences go from nose bleeding, menstruation disorders, or to dizziness.
Furthermore, a great number of non-vaccinated are showing symptoms which were previously observed only in vaccinated individuals, including agglomeration of the red cells, which may lead to the same health deterioration observed in vaccinated. Such accounts were shown in interviews of e.g. Dr Mihalcea. Thus, shedding could well be a factor to be considered.

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