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The Mark Steyn Show is back! But not on GB news..

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19 hours ago, Certified Green of Heart said:

I've not heard of him before, but then now is exactly the right time to get into his shows right! 👍.......So far I've watched 15 mins or so of this Steyn fellow, and he makes enticing viewing, so I will go ahead and watch all of this launch video. 👍

I only caught him on GB news latter half of last year...

And with the vax shows and I really like the guests he has on pictured above..

He comes out with with lines like...A dead husk off a moth eaten sock puppet thats biden...

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btw, I just remembered something extremely important, I DON'T remember seeing Eva's cat!  Better Cat Casting next time please Mr Steyn, but that said he did well in triangulating and queuing his guests, that would be quadruplicating had it included the cat's opinion! (nevermind)

Me too, I liked the guests Fifth Element... The opinions were not bad either. And showed a good sense of solidarity for viewers to get behind also. 

This does NOT sit right with me though as a vegan! >> https://www.steynonline.com/pics/large/5804.jpg  Eva holding milk bottles!!?

Ehhh?? And then Got this, Got that, fine if you like meat, and heat (HEAT?... what, domestic household heat or some other kind??)....
Sorry Eva, but as you would expect from a vegan, that has lowered my opinion right away, still, let's all shanti on.... for solidarity sakes.


Referring back to the guest roundup: Something positive to take away...

Females are much better at communicating by the shape of their mouths, eg, slightly agape, or closed & slightly wry but interested and focused, and all distinguishable from the movement of their mouths, it's a great science.  I bet the cat couldn't pull that off, even if it is feline too!


Haha, I've just seen this....http://www.steynstore.com/product135.html  ,,,, and dare I say watch the video of him singing too..... haha

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 btw, that cruise thing Steyn has going, he has set for July 7th to 14th 2023.... It will have all the above 3 guests going along on that tour to symbolize is it[?] "the end of civilization!"... SO TO SAY and PRESUMABLY to get more people on board, whether at the various ports or to have people literally come aboard like it were Noah's Ark.....





The cruise lines have now lifted those restrictions, and so we figure it's safe to put a tentative toe back in the water...

We might have picked an Alaskan or Caribbean or St Lawrence or Mexican cruise, but, alas, all those involve an American port, and in order to enter the United States our non-US cruisers would be required to demonstrate proof of vaccination status. So we decided to spread our wings and book a cruise in the Eastern Med instead. And thus the first ever Steyn Adriatic cruise will leave Trieste on July 7th 2023 and sail aboard Holland America's ms Oosterdam down the Dalmatian coast to Montenegro and Santorini, before returning to Trieste on July 14th. And no Covid tests or vaccine passports required.

Our Club has members all over the map - the Czech Republic, Thailand, Vanuatu - so there isn't really any ideal itinerary other than a round-the-world voyage (which we'll consider a year or three hence). But, after two North American cruises, we hope this venture further afield will attract not just old US and Canadian friends but many of our UK and European members, and perhaps even the somewhat smaller number of Steyn fans in the Middle East. 


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