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Google Search Will Start BLURRING Nude, Violent And Gory Images Soon


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You will need to sign in with a Google account for uncensored searching.


Excuse to FORCE Google accounts on everybody???





Google is introducing a new online safety feature to help users avoid inadvertently seeing graphically violent or pornographic images while using its search engine. Announced as part of the company’s Safer Internet Day event on Tuesday, the new default setting enabled for everyone will automatically blur explicit images that appear in search results, even for users that don’t have SafeSearch enabled. Google has confirmed to The Verge that, should they wish, signed-in users over 18 will be able to disable the blur setting entirely after it launches in “the coming months.”


SafeSearch is already the default for signed-in users under the age of 18, as it helps to filter out explicit content such as pornography, violence, and gore when using Google to search for images, videos, and websites. When the blur feature launches, it will appear as a new item within the SafeSearch menu, alongside the option to disable SafeSearch entirely and a filter option to additionally hide explicit text and links. Disabling SafeSearch entirely provides the most relevant results without hiding any content.

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I tried to listen to some political podcast earlier and I got this:




Fortunately it was a podcast that's on non-Google platforms too so I didn't need to sign in.


It's getting annoying though. I have to use workarounds to access Youtube videos that ask you to sign in to view.


I'm not sure what the answer is because I can understand age verification to stop kids consuming smut, but they're clearly using that excuse to make it more frustrating for adults to consume certain content without giving Google too much data.

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