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Nicola Bulley


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2 hours ago, SuperstarNeilC said:




Brilliant. Lots of gems in this. None of these questions have or are being asked by the police.


The bobble hats everyone is wearing is a very strange, almost cultlike, phenomenon. Paul and Nicola seem to own quite a few different colours.

Yes, they were a trend last winter, but it all seems too pointed, that everyone is wearing them.


From the start Ive thought this has all the signifiers of a Satanic cult, including the police involvement, probably higher up in media circles too.

Theres a weird satanic sex vibe about all the police involved. Like their uniforms are just a front, or fancy dress, to mock the public.


If Emma was driving the kids to school that day, and the kids are part of some MKUltra cult, they would have been programmed to never let on it wasnt their mummy that morning. They will not be normal children in a normal case. Nothing about this case is normal, despite the surfaces.


Lika a Village of the Damned, Wicker Man, Stepford Wives scenario


No evidence or dashcam video of Nicola on a three mile drive to the school? This is what needs to come out in the coroners report...evidence proving she was actually there.


Friends of Nicola Bulley line streets and hold posters in vigil for missing  mum-of-two - Mirror Online


Women 'fearful of going out' in village where Nicola Bulley vanished |  Ledbury Reporter


Missing Nicola Bulley: Mystery woman in red coat tells police she didn't  see her - Mirror Online


Dog walker reveals moment he found Nicola Bulley's phone on bench the day  she vanished | The Irish Sun


Missing mum Nicola Bulley's dog found 'bone dry' beside river where she  vanished one week ago - Daily Record



Two weeks on, police probe two-hour gap between Nicola Bulley's  disappearance and first police call - LancsLive


Missing dog walker: Friend of Nicola Bulley says community 'out in force'  after disappearance - YouTube


Nicola Bulley latest updates as police search for 'tatty red van' seen on  day of disappearance - Nottinghamshire Live


Nicola Bulley: family say 'no evidence' missing mother slipped into river


Jonathan Samuels on Twitter: "Well wishers appealing for information line  local road near where Nicola Bulley went missing. #missing  https://t.co/uw34pKoSOJ" / Twitter





Nicola Bulley's family will 'never let go' of hope despite 'unprecedented  hell' of search | UK News | Sky News


Three questions Nicola Bulley police must answer as ex-crime chief reveals  why cops 'may be in breach of guidelines' | The Irish Sun


Police confirm why divers returned to river where Nicola Bulley went  missing | Lancashire Evening Post


Nicola Bulley: friends of woman missing in Lancashire describe living in  perpetual emotional rollercoaster | UK News | Sky News

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On 2/13/2023 at 4:59 PM, factJack said:

The police woman doing the press conferences looks like a total doppelganger of the lead investigator in the 2014 movie gone girl. I've never watched this movie in full but features camp sites, cctv man by some sort of water search,  totally bizarre coincidences. Can you believe it?

Gone girl movie plot













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It should be noted that lots of YouTubers who were analysing the Nicola Bulley case (some with thousands of subscribers) have suddenly disappeared and deleted all their videos.


For example, popular Eddies Vinyl Break had mentioned that Nikki’s family had contacted him and “suggested” he “back off”. - He suddenly disappeared, deleted all his videos and has never been heard of since.



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Before meeting her partner, Paul Ansell, in a pub 12 years ago, Nicola Bulley was briefly married to local businessman Simon Booth, who is currently engaged to actress Jodie Prenger, who plays Glenda Shuttleworth on Coronation Street.




Quite well connected this bunch of unknowns...Dan Walker from Channel 5 is a friend, who orchestrated the interviews, and now Corrie connections


Booth, interesting name. Wasnt actor Tony Booth in Coronation Street too, married to Pat Phoenix who played Elsie Tanner in the soap, and father of Cherie Blair? Wonder if any connection there.




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3 hours ago, SuperstarNeilC said:




John Iddon, Preston PoLSA, is an electronic engineer, same as Paul Ansell 

Iddon used to be the Deputy General Manager of exclusive Gibbon Bridge Hotel, just 13 miles from Nikki’s Bench.


Emma White’s husband is also the manager of hotels. - They obviously know each other.




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On 5/26/2023 at 3:10 AM, SuperstarNeilC said:


* Nikki aged 45


* The motorcyclist killed on River Wyre EXACTLY 45 years **to the very day** from when Nikki went missing.


* Donald Trump 45th president.


*M6 motorway, which passes by St Michael’s, has 45 Junctions.


*Length of River Wyre is 45 kilometres.

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On 6/19/2023 at 10:36 AM, SuperstarNeilC said:

Paul Ansell said, “It’s like living in the Truman Show”.


 The Truman Show director is Peter WEIR.


An interesting theory from The Armchair Detective as to why Paul Ansell changed his name on Facebook to Sam Beckett two days before Nicola's body was found - is it a reference to Quantum Leap (one episode in particular where a girl is found in the water), he also references The Truman Show  - a good watch.



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14 hours ago, Andy Mac said:

Just seen this article in Daily Mail that Curtis Arnold is suing the police for arresting him.




I think Curtis media is getting close to the truth, and I have reason to believe that PA and the caravan park family are heavily involved in NB's death

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On 6/23/2023 at 5:08 PM, northern star said:

This sort of backs up the previous post. If true, its amazing that Paul Ansell was never a suspect, especially as he had facial injuries, and rumours were the police were called the night before Nicola disappeared.




If true this is a bombshell revelation, I would like to think this person who knew Nicola has gone to the police, if not then wtf is going on, video now wiped of YT what a suprise.


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