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Nicola Bulley


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6 hours ago, SuperstarNeilC said:

The Abbeystead Disaster  - When 16 residents of St Michael’s on Wyre were killed, including an 11 year old boy who had his head blown off. - Decapitated.


Date of explosion:


23rd May 1984. - “23”.






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9 hours ago, SuperstarNeilC said:



Great sleuthing. So the police have once again missed an opportunity to show what could have been on this camera, on a vital lane at a vital time. Its one of the few roads a car could have  taken Nicola away from the area. Straight from the bench area almost, as a car could park up near there.  And the co-incidence that this house is once again linked to the caravan family, just adds to the contrived police story.


AND the fact the address has been changed by 'property deed poll' on the official documents, in a matter of days, when this complex process takes a long time ordinarily, suggests Governmental involvement, at high levels. More proof a satanic crime took place with operatives in high places?






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18 hours ago, SuperstarNeilC said:


The 'fishermen' appear to the the 'cleaning crew' or 'fixers' don't they. The fact that CCTV was requested the day before is telling. So what did Nicola stumble on to, and was the Police call 10 days prior, Nicola starting to realise what she was caught up in (or more to the point what PA was caught up in). 

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In one of the Armchair Detectives videos on YouTube he pointed out that Mr Ansell had a bruise just below his left eye which is visible in his first interview at the bench a week after Nicola disappeared, he was wearing a woolly hat which was pulled down to try and cover the bruise, it is also visible in the interview he did at home with CH5. He also points out the first interview by Emma White were she is wearing a black baseball cap she seemed to have a missing tooth - evidence of foul play!!

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On 2/21/2023 at 12:27 PM, Saved said:

That's where all this is heading. The internet, eventually, shall be the only place from which to legally purchase food.


If one does not fully bend the knee to whoever becomes king of the information highway, one does not eat.


We are certainly on that journey. How long it will take to get there, I don't know, but how often do we see evil riding in on the words "Peace and Safety!".


The online harms bill implies protection from bad people.


So you have explained the bit about 'bend the knee' but why do you think people have to kiss the butthole?

Is it like gateaway to hell? In another words, kissing the gateway of hell to enter?


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Lets's not forget so many glaring red flags in this case, the fitbit not synched just days before her dissapearance, not one independent witness has come forward and actually categorically claimed that they saw Nicola bulley anywhere near the river on the morning of the 23rd of january, and then we have the shifty Emma white claiming that Nicola always had willow off the harness, when that has been proven in pictures that was never the case. There is no evidence that she went in anywhere near bench 23 none whatsoever, just hypothesis and false narrative on behalf of the police and the msm, who pushed this on us incessantly from day one, the suspicious black hooded males who were seen twice and reported, the day before and then the morning of her going missing, yet this was not followed up by the shitshow police, it took the cops 9 days to followup the statement from the witness and we are supposed to believe this is all normal police practice and conduct? Bullshit it's a coverup and Paul and Emma white are in deep bigtime, was anything even followed up by the police of the sighting of Paul Ansell being seen with black bin bags very close within the vicinity of the location the night before she was found, was this a false report or was it a genuine sighting?                                           

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5 hours ago, SuperstarNeilC said:




Video about another missing woman below references the pub The MOON on the Square

The recent victim found in the River LUNA, aged 24 on the 24th, at 4.20pm. Im sure theyre doing this on purpose.

Nicola RAY, as in the SUN

According to this video, fiance of this missing woman from early 2000s is Paul Ansell's cousin. Just gets weirder, with more connections...

Is it a co-incidence these three women all look quite similar?





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