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Nicola Bulley


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36 minutes ago, Nemuri Kyoshiro said:

Anotheer 411 box to tick. Body found in a place that had been searched multiple time - assuming it had been. An post mortem will also determine how long she was in the water. Three weeks submerged under, say, a sunken tree, and the body will be in an awful state.


Yes, there certainly are elements of a 411, as you mention, but this is not a National Park, a vast wilderness, where Bigfoot and Dogman roam.

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On 2/9/2023 at 8:56 PM, SuperstarNeilC said:
They need to put Mrs Grumpy & her son under the microscope ! Too many coincidences……
SHE discovers the dog & phone .
SHE has to rush away for an appointment, even though she has only just arrived for the start of her walk
SHE has a history of threatening other dog walkers in that area (and threatening to *shoot* their dogs with a gun)
SHE owns & runs the nearby caravan park
HER son operates and is responsible for the crucial cctv camera, conveniently not working !
HER daughter in law is the person who raised the alarm by calling the school ( an hour after being told by her mother in law )
HER daughter in law knew exactly who the missing lady was purely from a verbal description of the loose dog over the phone ? Spaniels are very common, how could she know for sure it was willow, so certain that she rang the school, school rang Paul, Paul rang police ! What if she’d been wrong ?
Way too many coincidences here involving the same people


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51 minutes ago, Velma said:


Yes, there certainly are elements of a 411, as you mention, but this is not a National Park, a vast wilderness, where Bigfoot and Dogman roam.

It doesn't have to be. There are numerous cases in urban environments and in rural and semi-rural places. As for cryptid involvement in this case, probably not. It's more likely accidental or human agency.

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1 hour ago, DaleP said:


Or simply left the dog in a car?

What happened to the car?

Stop asking questions your spoiling the narrative; she drank a few bottles of Lambini, then jumped into two feet of water to commit suicide, even though that conflicted with partners and parents interviews and despite the biggest manhunt in the Wyre’s history managed to evade being found even though an expert diving team said she was nowhere to be seen. I call bullshit.

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This is where the body was found, near a convenient layby, plus a shot of grass growing in the water nearby to show how shallow it was.

These pics are summer obviously but give an indication.

Could a body really be concealed in these waters for three weeks with an intensive manhunt going on?







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1 hour ago, SuperstarNeilC said:

Conveniently the closest part of the river that is accessible to cars outside of the village. And right next to a small lay-by. I have always kept an open mind but I now firmly believe it was murder

Apparently there patsy Paul was rumoured to be walking the dog and have big bags over  his shoulder at 10.30 pm last night 


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4 hours ago, janey777 said:

As others have said, it is so weird that neither Peter Faulding nor the police divers found Nicola, or any other body, in the river at the time they searched, but suddenly they have found a body in a part of the river that was searched.


Would the post-mortem show if the body died by simple drowning, or if died in some other way and later dumped in the river?  If it did, would this be made publically known?

It should do. 

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Now it's 23days that's always coming up so it's an agenda.


Remember GOD is hidden in plain sight mortGage aDvisOr for those who can see.

GOD lacks capacity GODS a woman Ariadne Gronde GOD mortgage advisor are scapegoats  to protect the banks.

This has to be an anniversary that is attached to money magic black swans and deflections decoys.


I saw a black swan three weeks ago there's a disaster coming and tree days later the turkey earthquake happened.


But then GODBULLEY disappeared and the black swan is symbolic of a financial disaster on its way.


Meanwhile I am being stalked as an ex mortgage advisor none stop and for 14years I have had strangers attack abuse slur snide beep flash their lights run me off the road swing their shopping baskets trolleys and even sceem at me in the street.

I have for several years now when these idiots start made my prescence visible so every no head standing in silence know what's happening the number of times the police have come over to me and then let me go once they call their boss is laughable.

Then today a completely psych crack head attacks and screams at me they do it regular when the fuzz arrived today I took her to the people that this witch works with on Tameside market.

She is part of a crack head gang of vagrants who single me out for abuse everytime they see me .

Vagrants attacking members of the public just would not happen but on my stage it does . They are paid to abuse so you ineviy enter depression I had a good network well travelled and people who I could rely on who have all run away.

WHEN THE FUZZ ARRIVED Ssingle copper well community pco apparently it's because some dockhead who has been watching this abuse for over 7years said I've been upsetting by swearing when there's a gang that abuse me constantly

I walked the market and made it very loud so if a single unarmed bloke white will deliberately face down bullies and traitors knowing the implications could be avicious violent attack by the mob with every traitor watching they are all Nazi Dachau killers .

They didn't like that and hence the fuzz arrived.

I told her I have psychosis and schizophrenia according to the mental health team who rather than do their job to listen to how I  for had 4 violent familydeaths in six months three suicides from tenants a concerted effort to attack and ruin my life and business they call me the quackers.

So if that's the case pay me on pip just like these real psychos and I'll be on my way.

I don't get a single penny.

The fuzz asked if I was on meds.

They want to put me on sertraline and olanzapine but get this my doctor's rather give me a months supply have decided to give me three  days  that's 20 a prescription 3 times that's 60quid I don't even get a prescription.

So that's 220quid per month my wages working for the tax man are 1200my mortgage is 760my btl is 500 it s more than t he rent that's two companies 

And these shithouse bullies retards and actors go and reduce my meds to three days and therefore 220quid knowing I can't afford it yet the psycho witch that attacks me and her shithouse bullies get paid to harrass and attack.

After 14 years I have explored every avenue why I suddenly became their target gay man active charity worker landlord for vulnerable adults brother toa cripple brother to a drug addict .

Then I found my mortgage advisor role brought me in contact with very suspicious and. Criminal activities.

In 2008 when the market crashed was when it started going tits .

So the rant above is to bring it back to GODS in plain sight lacks capacity cannot be trusted needs to be removed and apparently is a woman.

Tameside Ashton had a thriving gay community it even had its own gay pride and drag bar.

Then it died literally in 2009.

So gods a woman the beg for a gay man.

Then Bulley arrives they rank up their attacks and the Bulley god mortgage advisors body has been found. At the same time this violent psycho woman and her cronies stood their watching.

I know my synchronized episodes mean something .so if the Bulley police want to gain more info.

I know the culprits I know the liars and watchers and not so innocent bystanders.

The murdered is a psycho witch who wears blue coat  buck teethh and screams at members of the public well one member tramps and vagrants  the one who buried the body a dickhead stalker playing triggers wears a high viz walks with a satchel bag goes straight for me everytime he sees me to attack me and then doesn't again today while I'm inviting the fuzz to question this witch idiots boss  on the market.and suddenly he attacks me in plain sight of the useless copper she says you attack him in front of me I will arrest you.

Making it infer when I'm gone attack away the thug then winks..

This idiot fuzz admits she's got kids she's on depression tablets she gets no help from the state although she does in tax credits and other assistance.

And this thug just laughs. So you attack and violently abuse men with schizo who can't even get the meds that they are all on 

I've found a coven of junkies and I relish calling them out in suicide by murder and complicit lies . Bring it on killer boys do it.

Bullies dead the deeds done GOD is dead carry on 





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The cause of death of the BULlEY GOD is even being intimated NOT repeat NOT drowning and I'm betting the coroner will find ice and forensic evidence of a morgue vs mortgage Jane doe that has been dead for years then dumped when they have already scoured the river and ledt.

And the photo ghouls and locals have walked the entire river.


So ask the question is it a Jane doe and is there ice and frozen limbs to KILL this story the distraction is done it's served it's purpose 

Operation mincemeat.


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Gematria shows  execute is  the same as operation mincemeat.

Remember to con the Nazis they dumped a body of a tramp and called it mincemeat .

Hitler declared war on the bankers and meinkampf was all about their betrayal of the German people.

He had aristocracy and the people behind him including English to take the bankers 

Wise wjse iNRI JEWs the Jews is a word to identify the wise they never starve when all others do 

starvation the ultimate SIN. The fools card Jews wise never starve.


So publishers changed it in mein Kampf second edition to attack the Jews not the Jude's to sell more books to the Americans.

It worked and they declared war on Hitler in 1933.


This whole reality is like revenge from dark forces for traitors lying by the Jews.

Hitler btw was schuklgruber a very Jewish name.



Execute GOD and check the 23 it's got to be linked to the war and the lie and con.

Check the days between the body being dumped and found and the launch to the Normandy landings .


Gut feeling it's in there somewhere.



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4 hours ago, Velma said:




I did not expect this outcome, the police are vindicated since their working hypothesis proved correct.


An autopsy will determine if she drowned or was dead before "entering the river" as police like to say.


The question now is, did she enter the water of her own volition, or was she pushed...  or dumped?

I’m almost certain that the post mortem will conclude that she has drowned.

But I do wonder if they are able to tell whether she drowned in that river or submerged elsewhere then dumped in the river.

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Nicolas bench

This is what is being dubbed 

Now she's a mortgage advisor and what's the significance of a bench.

Legals barristers and lawyers sit on the bench.

Footballers and sportsmen sit on the bench.

Carpenters make a bench.

Old friends sat on a park bench like bookends.


If it's a message from beyond the grace this realiry is shot to pieces already so go with this.

She's sending a message look again at the bench.

A lawyer a property deal a mortgage advisor sworn to confidentiality. A massive dodgy deals with corrupt lawyers like 2008 .

MortGage is until death ADvisOr is GOD  in plain sight pointing to the bench who murdered the Bulley .

The dogs gone mad GOds gone mad and et phone home she's still on hold to GOD.


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https://www.gematrix.org/?word=nicolas bench

Wow gematria gives us Nicolas bench

God's a liar but top slot is Alex Jones 

The truth will out.

The bench Arthur's bench arthur Fowler on east enders. Lost his marbles and tried to burn the hose 

But fowl. Is foul play  and attacked is in there too.

I'm a mortgahe advisor I was attacked by junkies traitors tramps and thieves and the police were useless but there's a whole gang of watchers bullies traitors and suicide ghouls waiting my death.

Her stage is almost similar.

God was attacked Samantha was attacked God george o dowd aka boy George has a song the death of samantha on his album cheapness and beauty.

A mad tramp attacked her and god's not happy.

From beyond the grace the script is foul play.

The Turkish earthquake and the president Erdogan GOD  my premonitin with a black swan and all those connections GOD was murdered by foul play by mad deranged psychotic women with gangs of liars watching.

Alex Jones is vindicated Alex Jones is a local estate agents so that's a Mortgagevadvisor MA a mother Alex Jones. Bench lawyer and Fowl foul play.


Jennifer with your orange hair Jennifer with your green eyes Jennifer with your lips of deepest purple where are you tonight 

Under neath the water .

 Lyrics for Jennifer eurythmics.



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If Paul was involved he is innocent till proven guilty in court, it could well be a suicide could not cope with cost of living, pandemic, long covid it can tip anyone over the edge.  We can go on about it till the sun goes down it is not going to change anything.

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12 hours ago, northern star said:

I also think it she had decided to head off and throw herself into the (2ft deep) river, she would have tied the dog to the bench herself with the lead, as it would have followed her.


For sure suicide by jumping to the shallow river while walking dog is the best suicide idea that comes to my mind... 

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