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General History Thread

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I wanted to make a thread for random history content because there's plenty of interesting content out there that has explanations and doesn't necessarily fit into the OOPArts thread or forbidden knowledge topics. It would be interesting to see what others share, and I need to take my mind off more depressing matters. Feel free to contribute any historical content that you find interesting.


I'll start it off with the Yamnaya.


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1 hour ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

Interesting timing to drop a Rome related image with that symbol.


Yeah, I always thought that symbol originated in India but a quick bit of research tells me it was more widespread in the ancient world. 


The article is also part of the "Britain's always been multicultural" narrative too, when it says: 


He’s described as this massively impressive ‘black-skinned’ person, this hero who comes from Troy. I’m wondering why Memnon would be chosen as the name of the gladiator. Is that because we’ve got a black gladiator who is from somewhere well south of Colchester – from north Africa?” Pearce speculated. 


Just shows how long we've been victimised by imperialists like that.  

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23 hours ago, Campion said:

I’m wondering why Memnon would be chosen as the name of the gladiator.


well aga-memnon was the leader of the mycaenean greeks in the trojan war:


His name in Greek, Ἀγαμέμνων, means "very steadfast", "unbowed" or "resolute".[3] The word comes from *Ἀγαμέδμων (*Agamédmōn) from ἄγαν, "very much" and μέδομαι, "think on".[4]


In the account of Dares the Phrygian, Agamemnon was described as ". . .blond, large, and powerful. He was eloquent, wise, and noble, a man richly endowed."[5]


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