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Anyone else getting the feeling 'they' are upping the anti to start WWIII?


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3 minutes ago, JCP said:


The US population was deeply in isolation mode in 1941 until Pearl Harbor; but after the attack (that many say we helped propagate) we were all in. The government has a reputation at manipulating our perception. Couple that with the genocidal clot-shot and it becomes obvious that they want the bulk of us dead. I've surely been wrong before, and I hope I am this time too, but from where I sit, the writing is on the wall. The question I have is "Will we fall for it"? ......... because we have the reputation of being gullible.




Out of reactions, but I share your sentiment.

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If war breaks out, MAGAs, Q Anons, the alt-right, and any other fake patriot turbo contrarians that support foreign agents just because "muh West bad" could be rounded up. Supporting people that hate the West just because your own governments suck is silly. The sad part is, even though I don't support Vlad or Xi, many will probably be lumped in with them because there is overlap when it comes to belief in certain conspiracies.







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