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Richard Madeley apologies after calling Sam Smith - im not they

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If I recall (I was an innocent 11 year old so my take might be off), the Relax video wasn't mainstream, that video never got shown on prime time TV and a replacement/safe version was filmed with just a performance in front of some lasers. It was probably designed to be shown in (adult) gay venues or whatever. Frankie were also "toned down" for the public once the song was a hit. So this sort of stuff has been around, yeah, but not as part of the Grammy awards or on mainstream TV.

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1 hour ago, spideysensei said:


It's they messed up, bigot!


The 5th guy in the picture should be imprisoned for what he's doing.


Not only will he not bone Sam Smith in the rear end...


...he is discouraging the other ape-men from doing so too!


Shame! Shame!

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15 hours ago, bamboozooka said:


Thanks for sharing this bamboozooka, I needed a friendly reminder as I only heard about this song once. Tom MacDonald joined together with John Rich who has been incredibly successful for many years, particularly in the country music world. Both of these men are outspoken, writing songs 'for us', and also pointing out that most other celebrities stay silent. John supported Carrie Underworld when she was criticised by the modern brigade for liking a tweet againt drag queen story hour? If I can I will share what I have read today in the woke thread. 


Thanks again bamboozooka, the above link opened up some fruitful curiosity. I wasn't aware of the song below. 


" Leave us alone we're doing just fine ...

You can stick your progress where the sun don't shine "



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