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They just will not let it go will they!


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I realise there is a covid thread running so please accept my apologies if I shouldn't post here and act accordingly.


This is so encouraging to our cause but I guess the real test will be when they spin a new deadly virus:


"However, uptake of an initial third dose has declined, with less than 0.1% of eligible people coming forward each week since April last year."



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Maybe it's all for the best. Sorry for sounding a little like bill gates-esque but if peeps are too stoopid to get out of the way when a roaring runaway train comes charging in their general direction, or an unexploded WW2 bomb is found and they all race forward to prod and poke at it, maybe stoopid peeps have no place in this world, maybe the less stoopid peeps the less supporters the royals and politicians will have, and the less peeps to harrasses the unvaxed and maskless good honest people of the world. Maybe we're better off without stoopid peeps.

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