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Second jobs for the proverbial boys.

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I utterly fail to understand how any M.P. can have any time spare for a second job. Furthermore, if I was an M.P., I would be horrified at the prospect of giving my constituents the wrong impression, by virtue of having a second job. It is tarnishing what should be the great privilege of being an M.P.. The law needs to be changed to completely prevent M.P.'s from doing anything that even vaguely qualifies as a second job.





'Welcome on board the Westminster gravy train: MPs have raked in £17million from second jobs since 2019 with Theresa May top of the table after earning £2.25million.'



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10 hours ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

2 and a quarter mill, but she can't afford a mug with her own name on it. Still, plenty of mugs out there.

I can't stand the sight of any of them. I remember when she said there is no evidence that child molestation causes any long term mental damage to children. Of course all evidence of her saying this will have disappeared. Straight down the memory hole no doubt.

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7 minutes ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

IIRC she also dragged her stilletto heels over the contaminated blood scandal, or was it compensation for the Thalidomide children. Probably both. Witch.

The PTB said Thalidomide was an accident. Yeah right, just like years from now the side effects of the COVID vaccines will have been an accident. They are hell-bent on making the population sick and disabled so we are forever depending on them. It's the disabled I feel sorry for through all this nonsense. 

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