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Man claims ancient sites are in the UK

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The video I began watching on his channel page, is counter your title, because counter to the claims of visitor sign for the area where he shows the sites with rock formations in woodland, they have VERY VISIBLY been rendered with modern patch-up materials to support or smooth the rock and is dodgy looking in places, not even particularly well done, and yet as pointed out visitor welcome sign to these allegedly natural areas for visitors to see by these visitor signs upon entry to the wood, so the reality is counter to what we are told, according to vid I saw and so as the guy presenting says the "ancient-icity" of at least some of the rock formations is being strongly contested by that guy presenting.  So its in the video I saw anyway that greets you as you load his channel.

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I've been viewing a few of his vids over the last few months, particularly 'Kinver Edge' because I was born not too far away from there. In the early 1970's I was in the Territorial Army based in Kidderminster and one weekend a load of us part time soldiers went to an underground storage area in Kinver Edge and loaded trucks with fold down paper mache coffins I suppose today's equivalent would be 'Body Bags' and then these were driven over to a depot somewhere near the fire service college in Moreton In Marsh Gloucestershire! Once the trucks were loaded a driver and a mate for each vehicle went off to the other depot, and we got back into our truck and headed back to the Kidderminster drill hall { for a night's piss up} and the following weekend we flew to Germany for two weeks training in the area around Hameln! I just thought I'd mention the Kinver caves, because they do stretch further than most people would think, and there are more levels than the public are aware of! Funnily enough I commented about this on one of his vids, and a couple of days later looked to see if there were any replies and the comment had been deleted for some reason? I don't read anything sinister into this, it's just how it was and there could be a number of reasons why it happened! It's a lot of years ago now, but I just thought I'd mention it as a matter of course!

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