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Apparently oil companies covered up global warming

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Was the original denial by the oil industry designed to make global warming seem 'true'? (Guilt by association). 


Here's a magazine article on the supposedly green Rockefellers trying to green the oil company that their ancestors started: Exxon. 

It is a lengthy article, but watch out 1/3 through it for the meeting between David Rockefeller and his daughter with Exxon executives Lee Raymond and Rex Tillerson. It's all theatre, I believe, as I think Exxon pretended to hide knowledge of CO2 and global warming when really they were releasing it, knowing it would contribute towards the CO2 hoax. 



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Exxon Valdez did more environmental destruction in 1989 than all mankind combined, when it spilled 10million gallons of crude oil into the pristine Alaskan coastline causing the collapse of all marine life. The chemical solvent sprayed to disperse the oil resulted in more damage and caused serious illness in the clean-up crew.



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3 hours ago, Mikhail Liebestein said:

Is this going to be treated like smoking?


Apparently Exxon scientists accurately predicted global warming decades ago, but the firm denied it.




It will be made to look like this, followed by lawsuits!!




Actually Exxon scientists first discovered Global Warming around 1980 and published publicly.


They told executives "It seems to be happening and we may be doing it."


Papers were published and a publicly attendable conference - held by Exxon itself if I remember correctly - was held.


Then all of a sudden the scientists were basically told to "shut the fuck up and never say or publish a word about it again".


Exxon STOPPED all science on Global Warming.


Things went SILENT on GW until Al Gore made a BIG FUSS about it years later.


My guess is that GW Bush's job was to be elected and destroy Iraq and Al Gore's job was NOT to contest his election loss and push GLOBAL WARMING like a mofo.



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