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Archeology reveals Biblical Patriarchs were Hyksos Pharaohs

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As each decade goes by we seem to be closer to decoding this book. It’s important whether you believe in Jesus or not as the Torah is the script the simulation runs on. Therefor, the Elites will do ANYTHING to discredit its historical reliability to prevent you from waking up! Ralph did a great job explaining the connection between the Israelites and the Hyksos. I highly recommend his work! https://youtube.com/@RalphEllis


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The hyksos took upper egypt by force. They invaded and occupied and to rub salt into the wounds of the egyptians they took the egyptian devil Set as their primary god. The egyptians then rose up and threw them out of the country.


The hyksos were then one of the tribes that formed the federation of tribes known as the israelites.


This asks questions of the whole exodus narrative and whether or not the jews who left egypt were slaves escaping captivity or whether they were in fact invaders who got expelled

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