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"I Don't Want To Hear That Stuff!" - People Who Recoil From Conspiracy Content


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18 hours ago, monkeylove said:


I'm talking about credit, which includes currency. It's all virtual wealth. Only a goober will imagine otherwise.


i'm just bringing clarity to what you said. About 1% of currency is physical cash the rest exists as digits on computer screens. Also i don't think we should equate money with currency so when you say that 'money' is debt that is not strictly true. Currency is created through debt though:



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In the past I have tried to talk to friends and family members about child trafficking and satanic ritual abuse. I got called a nutcase and that type of thing only went on in the dark ages. This is the type of attitudes that are heading us back to the dark ages. It breaks my heart the abuse that is inflicted on the most innocent members of society and people don't even want to acknowledge it. I have given up hope that these people will ever wake up to the horrors in this world.

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