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Eminem Is Immortal !!

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Carolynn Wright

9 months ago

They hate us because we are mortal because they don't get to die it would be to us as if we never got to sleep and we're always awake. And so they are envious of Our Lives. Also because we get to enjoy our relationships and experiences and everything we go through because we know we will die therefore even the people who don't really understand and appreciate their life to the fullest extent they steal appreciated on some level. So therefore that puts value on those things and our lives and that creates the excitement and the joy of the moments and the people and places and things because we know it's going to be gone one day. That is why they choose to feed off of our negative emotions and energy instead of the positive. Because our positive energies actually give them more sustenance and that's why they have to feed so much off the negative energy because it's not as rich in sustenance for them. But they choose to do that because they would rather cause us pain and suffering and get less sustenance and have to eat more so they can get what they believe is some form of Joy from putting us down like the bully who tries to make himself feel better by putting someone else down. And we've all had moments where someone is hurt us and we turn around and say something mean that we don't mean and we know bothers them so we can make them hurt like that person hurt us. But then we all had to learn the hard way that it may feel good in that moment but it doesn't last long sooner than later for some of us but it's a lesson we I'll go through whether we learn from it or not. And the point of that is that brief moment of what we think is joy does not last long and it's the same in the aspect of food sustenance and how filling it is;as well as how much nutrition it produces and stores for them is so miniscule. Which is why it is so important for them to maintain control of the people therefore the government, money, jobs, and land AkA EVERYTHING. Ppl think they care about the money but it's just a tool they use to maintain there control. They also use religions, racism, wars, and government and its politics. United we stand and divided we fall. Black or white. Republican or Democrat. Christian or Muslim. Male and female rights. Everything is to split the ppl. This new rocket that cost some large amount of billions to make and its to cause separation who thinks we should do it who thinks it's a waste of money. When really we have stuff that's way more advanced. And when do they ever tell us how much wondering they're doing costs. It's for a reason. Covid. Shots or not. For the kids or not is is real or not. Should we go to war or not. Everything they do is to maintain there control of us because they have to feed on more of us at a time and more often. From choosing to feed on the negative. And they have to be able to create that much negativity and that requires total control of the news and the celebrities(trends and brainwashing) and the economy(market crashes gas is high) and the jobs(layoffs and different pay for different genders) that way they can keep the masses in a state of depression and anxiety. And keep there food source readily available.

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